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  1. UPDATE Car is still not starting after engine swap, I need to figure out what is going on. This is one of those "crank-no-start" conditions. I checked the timing again for good measure but the vehicle is still refusing to start. I have a spare crank sensor and a spare cam position sensor I could swap out. I did indeed swap out both of those sensors before I re-check the timing but no luck; I will try again after the engine swap. I might have fried the CPS when I overheated the last motor which is the engine the sensors came from. I also wonder what the odds are that my ECU is also bad?
  2. I figured I would document my wrenching adventures as I have been wrenching exclusively on both RWD and FWD Volvo's for several years now to pass the time (and money). I test drove a cheap 1995 Volvo 850 turbo on craigslist and became addicted to boosting in a T5, the car was faster than I thought it would be (honestly). I bought the car, my first 850 turbo, for $900 from this chick who dented the left-front fender, broke the left-front fender, and a loud tick coming from the motor (which later turned out to be a bad A/C compressor.) All was looking alive and well for this car, I ev