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  1. You need to use fuel injection hose for the one that sits in the tank. Its different from normal fuel hose.
  2. Does anyone know what fueling table the launch control uses ? I have a feeling the default one is a bit lean and I wanna add a bit more fuel to it.
  3. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. But a question would be ... why? Would it not be rich in both instances.?? Maybe because i raised the fuel rail pressure to 4 bar? Maybe the higher pressure reacts differently at different temps?
  4. My car idles rich if its completely cold on startup tats fine. BUT it idles lean if I start it and it has not fully cooled off (Lets say coolant temp of 40C). I dont get it??? Do the warm-up maps not take dead times or injector constant into account?
  5. Can you please post the warm-up map hex locations? They arn't in the XDF I am trying to zero out my LTFT since i am running green injectors are 4 bar
  6. Mine runs rich if its completely cold and lean when its still warm and not cooled off completely. It should not be a problem at idle as far as I am aware but you can fix this by setting delay time to lambda regulation on to a small value. Pretty sure its in seconds. I also see you are running a wideband. I am not sure how Aaron coded it in but since it uses STFT to regulate the AFR if you set the Delay Lambda Reg to 1 sec it should start using the wideband AFR 1 sec after startup and go to AFR target table right away. Dont quote me on this but I think the del
  7. Dont use the 540i 3.25 ID maf. It reads wrong for some reason 1.94 was giving me only 950 KG/Hr on a k24 at like 19 PSI.I put in the S90 MAF with 1.34 and same tune... was making 1070 kg/hr which is exactly what it should be making. BMW 540i Maf does not seem to read right.
  8. Make sure you use the Load re-scaling tool for all things knock and ign timing related
  9. Yeah actual krcount. Mostly one. But I've seen it go to two ... Bleh. Wmi Is a lot of work . No welding access
  10. Can someone running an 18t/19t/k24 post up their ignition map and write how much PSI you are running? I am having to ruin very little timing around 9.5 MS load like we are talking 9 degrees @ 4200 rpm on a K24 at around 16 PSI or so. AFR is around 11.8. I just want to get some reference. @gdog @Piet guys? any Suggestions? This is my map and i am still getting intermittent pings at around 5000 and 6000 rpm. Only 1 or two knock events once in a while. I am in Canada and running Petro Canada 94 gasoline ONLY. Ambient temp is
  11. Please do! That would be great! A note to add would be once you enable the LDR routine again to add in some values back to the LDR duty cycle correction, intake air temperature since it would take less TCV duty cycle to reach same load since the air is colder and denser therefor you need less boost to create the same MAF reading.
  12. Hi All, Sorry for quoting such a big post but I wanna clear some things up after logging and working with @Calvin Sonnik on getting stuff dialed in. So to disable LDR routing you DO NOT need to disable "LDR Throttle angle threshold: all values to 110 (or max)" Doing so only made me not able to log TCV duty Cycle. All you need to to do is set : LDR P-Part: all values to 0 LDR KFP2: all values to 0 AND zero out LDR duty cycle correction, intake air temperature **(This is done PRE-LDR routine and lowers your TCV cycle by that amount) That made it fo
  13. I agree. Can someone who has the latest BIN and XDF re-upload them? Or are the latest ones on the WIKI? Thank you,