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  1. I can see a little dip in rpm and load when it happens so looking further into it around that area I can see airmass seems to climb as normal, injection time has a little hiccup and so does tcv. Pin pointing the start of the dip and the end of it I can see on my tcv map a potential issue with a square edge as such. I'll give the tcv map a smooth out and see how it behaves. I'm still in the process of mapping so I have all my LDR routine off until I rebuild a target load table. Fingers crossed this little blip in my tcv table was the issue. Thanks for the input :-)
  2. I am having a slight issue with my tune. When transitioning from part throttle to full throttle my car hiccups as such before going through the revs. Its quite annoying and i cant figure out the cause. The AFR's drop down to low 10s at that point for a split second. Someone suggested altering the acceleration enrichment but I have had a play with that and no joy. After this little hiccup it pulls fine with no other issues across the rev range. It only seems to do it when accelerating hard above 3000rpm. If i full throttle below this its usually fine. Is there something else on the map tha
  3. EDIT: got it sorted. Turned out to be an ldr table to do with inlet ait temp that I hadn't zero'd Another new issue I'm facing. Upgraded from gt28 to gt30 turbo. I've found I can't build more than 22psi. Looking back at the logs I found tcv won't go past 74% even if requested tcv is 98%. There's no knock/timing retard and nothing else seems out of the ordinary. LDR routine is currently turned off. What else influences Tcv?
  4. I'm having issues using ostrich. I can upload a bin file and make some changes without issue, like injector calibrations for example. When it comes to tuning I was making changes to tcv and ignition which seemed to work fine to begin with. Whenever I was happy I would save the bin to make sure it was safe. It came to a point where I was adjusting VE fuel table but it wasn't actually making any difference despite uploading successfully. Then the same with tcv pilot control. I even tried zeroing it out to test it and it still boosted to 20psi. If I download the bin file and then o
  5. Can anyone tell me what's different on a COP .Bin? Or does anyone sell a .Bin file with the COP settings? Any help or advise appreciated
  6. Has anyone successfully got pops, bangs and flames by using the launch control antilag .bin? If so what settings did you find best to use?
  7. It feels to me like a bigger issue than that though. I can feel the difference between hot and cold weather performance normally but this just feels different. Its seems as if there's a significant drop in power. But since writing my original question I have had a play around with the map further and it does seem much better now. Im as of yet to experience the same drastic drop in power. In terms of supporting mods my current setup is as follows: Gt2871 Vxr injectors at 3.8bar 4" intercooler AEM 320 fuel pump 3" turbo back 90mm maf
  8. I'm in need of a bit of advice if anyone can help me out. I'm running a gt28 with supporting mods. Tuned it myself hitting 11.8 afr at WOT and 18psi of boost. I tuned it in dry but cold conditions. But now that the weather is much hotter it seems very flat at WOT compared to before. On the evenings when it's below say 10 degrees it pulls very well but during the warm days around 20 degrees C it seems to lack power. It still boosts fine if not 1 or 2 psi more sometimes in the warmer weather. I've read here that tuning with ldr off and leaving it that way can cause a power decr
  9. I'd have to double check the exact figure again but from the top off my head it was around the 0.63/.64 mark. Happy belated Easter to you too mate
  10. bomb192uk thanks for the reply. Good info there I didn't know that. I've actually just removed greens at 3.8 bar to install the vxrs instead. Using your advice I've worked off the green calibrations. Constant ive only had to adjust very slightly and I've adjusted the dead times accordingly so now idles and cruises no load at 14.7 perfectly. Thanks for the good info top man!
  11. Does anyone have injector calibrations for the vxr 470cc injectors at 3.8bar? I've tried searching on here but can only find them for 3bar. Thanks