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  1. Its both negative connected 4# and 5# , positive to 16# and k-line to 7#, I believe if it would be wiring I wouldnt be able to connect to ecu at all, but ai can, only flashing is not possible
  2. So I got cable wich one side is obd other is just wires. All wires tested everything is like in picture. Farest I can get is Erasing flash. So then tried if I can at all access ecu. So I can read DTC's with one program and can see live data with Motronic suite. So it seems cable is working. I have tried that on WinXP Win7 64bit and Win732bit. Everything same
  3. when you are powering pin b8? before all otherto be powered or all them together?
  4. So you suggesting to put all pins except B8 from battery voltage?
  5. Pinout connection is same as in picture just I got ground in obd pin5, but they are sharing same ground inside anyway. Power supply is from battery with voltage increaser, I can go from 13v to 17v easy, tried in different range its always same. Whem I trying to read DTC's as soon as I connecting power to B8 pin ecu losting connection. So Im assuming ecu going into bootmode. Aswell as If im trying to flash without B8 is stucking at Strarting Erase, with B8 its going to Erasing Flash.
  6. So I getted new cable. Now I definetly now thats its connecting to ecu, can read dtc's and to do live data on motronic suite. About flashing now its getting to new step, Erasing Flash, and failed as always. If Im disconecting B8 its just showing ,Starting To Erase flash. So I assume ecu is going to bootmode. Maybe somebody got some thoughts? Drivers Im running for cable is 2.10. Using windows 7 64bit
  7. All wiring good, tried with Motronic aswell. Ordered new cable. Will give a shot with new one maybe mine isnt so good as I think.
  8. I bought cable wich was sugest in M44 Fandom forum. Is there any chance to check with some program if its alright?
  9. Hi guys. Read this forum 100 times but cant sort out my flashing error. Ecu is from 1998 C70 2.3t engine. Im flashing this ecu with bench mode. Im getting only till stage Erase failed. Checked cable its good, opened ecu chip looks original. Tried loads of different files none working. Voltage tried everything from 14 to 16, nothing happens. Now Im out of thought so will try to get help here. So if anyone just can help me text me and I will text all info wich will be neaded. Thank you