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  1. What happened to the database. All those rim options suck (except comets). I want to pimp my XC70, what shoes to put on!
  2. thanks for sharing +1 lol
  3. checkin in... labour day weekend up here and the WX is miserable.. peace and love, shake and bake..... THAT JUST HAPPENED! oh, and for deets on how to get sh!t canned playing tiget woods check out out blog, and also for a pic of balls!
  4. cheap shot eh... screw that business.. the topic was up for at least a month with no submissions. that picture is probably more action that your cars seen, and it was picture #3 in the series of 5. Anyhow, good times!
  5. I would thing that's rear shock mounts more than a bar will fix - i had that problem, and now that it's fixed it's awesome. I presume this will stiffen up the back end which, on these cars is MUCH NEEDED!
  6. Wow man.. looks great.. you've got a good thing going, keep up the good work!! :pizza:
  7. after writing "enjoy the rain", i left my roof open when i got home from work and was later woken up by thunder... SH!T!! hope you had fun, and looking forward to seeing what i missed
  8. man, seeing ed's pics makes this that much harder to say but... ... i'm out enjoy the rain
  9. What's on your car!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?! If you've got new wheels man, i'll come to Iberton for shiz!
  10. i'm about 80% out. I won't get to detail the car today (and it needs it) and i've spent WAY too much money this week (birthday week - w00t - 25!) I would really like to go, but I might ironically enough use the expected good sunday weather to polish, scratchX, and wax the car.. so it will look hot for... umm.. the ladies.. who all hate station wagons!? Anyhow, have fun, but I may see you there!?
  11. It was "Brick With Boost" that made the stickers last year. They are real easy to put on, and also quite easy to take off I'm not sure if I'm going this year. Lots of talk about a party all night on Saturday before work on Sunday and then sleep after work on Sunday. Might be a matter of how much flying I can get done this week, how the home renos/quotes go, and if I can FINALLY detail the car!
  12. no man.. stupid shifter cable!? it doesn't HAVE to connect to the tranny does it???? Back to discussions... everyone shows up.. be merry.. is that the gist right now?
  13. Pas moi.. although i did some serious damage to a lexus today, so i might get the double-time privledge revoked!? We'll see!?
  14. Is the 302mm BBK not a real BBK at all?
  15. I'm really gonna try and make it if it won't make me too late. Even though I'll get shite parking, i should have the car in great working order - i'll explain after i get some shots of it (nothing too special)