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  1. General Lee would have fit in good sounds like. How far away was that from the Boro?
  2. I wish I had known about it. Where did you see this show posted?
  3. I remember that. I hear there is going to be a dyno there.
  4. I heard they were having one this year. I saw there was none last year, but the year before wasnt there one that required having to take the wheels off to dyno? Something weird I thought....
  5. Oh, nevermind I seen now it was not your barn....someone still needs an azz whippin and jail time.
  6. Did someone really burn it down? Is this on your property? Hell yes.
  7. Two of mine in the parking lot at work.
  8. I see. I knew they were Satelite's I just didnt know they came on your Laser in 17s....most of the VR's Ive seen came with the 16' version in the states. My Laser had 16 Helium's on it when I bought it, although mine is a 99. I want a set of those wheels! ha. Last time I saw you 850R in person it had Canistos. Merry Christmas to you in Nelson
  9. Um...are those 17' Satelite wheels on your 850R?
  10. This is David Walkers car. They own Walkers Truck Serivce in Va Beach, he buys parts for his T5R from me from time to time. The plate came off his Diesel pick-up. He is a pretty nice guy.