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  1. You're welcome for the cleaning suggestions. My steering wheel is clean, but I still am deep cleaning the shit out of it when I remove it.
  2. Man at first glance I thought the wheel was supposed to be black and didn't think anything of it. 😂
  3. That driver's seat is absolutely disgusting. Get a nylon brush to put into a drill and go crazy with some leather cleaner.
  4. I'm running the C70 vert subframe with no modifications whatsoever, bolted right up. Here's a comparison picture I made way back that shows everything is there:
  5. I'm running H&Rs with Sachs as well, got them from Val. The springs are blue. Can also add that they ride well.
  6. I'm still just kicking the Alan Super Record around. Looking at selling it and upgrading to something full carbon in the near future.
  7. God damn, that's a pretty penny. What you riding nowadays?
  8. Do it up Gary. I shot you a text, if you haven't changed your number in the last few years lol.
  9. @flyfishing3You also think your Volvo truck badge grill looks good too, so... As Greg said, stage 0 to replace all old pieces such as vacuum lines and the such. Then look at a down-pipe and exhaust, the factory 98 AWD downpipe is pretty horrible in terms of flow. Suspension wise, H&R lowering springs up front then cut a coil off the rear springs (same as TME does...) then you can use fooler bolts on the nivomats. For more steering feel, delrin subframe bushings or swap in a P80 99-04 C70 convertible subframe as they had solid aluminum bushings from the factory.
  10. I'm running 450lb rear springs and find myself wishing I went 500lb+. With no one in the back, it rides well but I've effectively ruined it as a wagon lol. Love the video updates Matt, can't wait to see you doing some longer runs once it warms up and you can get traction.
  11. Bring back all the OGs. WTF are you even driving nowadays? I know Danny has a 911.
  12. I still go back and watch videos of the XR from time to time. Those runs you did in *Mexico* do the trick every time. Love the updates Matt, it's awesome seeing it all come together.