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  1. I'd start with the wastegate.
  2. yeah, I just wanted out of it. If my Mech falls through I'll let you know.
  3. HA My master level guy. I actually texted Matt B to text you to see if you were interested in the tune.
  4. Buckle your seat belts. sold the saffron. wouldn’t pass inspection without a bunch of money. Sold it to my mechanic for cheap. sad, but it was turning into a money pit and was beat to hell from the kids. not sure what I’ll grab next. Thinking of a new cross country. No rush have 3 other cars lol. Will have the WothRline tune for sale soon and a OMP strut bar.
  5. good score Gary, I'd take the money also.
  6. wow. crazy. could have been a 1000 times worse. Glad your OK.
  7. not a ton over stock. the 07 is probably the best though. 04 05 had torque limiters on them to avoid bricking.
  8. new tire rods, oil change. tried to have new Ebrake pads but turns out I need to new cables also. need to arrange an alignment
  9. Honestly. After my super wreck a couple years ago, I’d never go full carbon. I'm a metal guy forever. The cooper is Ti. I love it I have a couple rides on the Sidi shots now. Hands down most comfortable cycling shoes I've owned. They are better than some running shoes I own.