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  1. new tire rods, oil change. tried to have new Ebrake pads but turns out I need to new cables also. need to arrange an alignment
  2. Honestly. After my super wreck a couple years ago, I’d never go full carbon. I'm a metal guy forever. The cooper is Ti. I love it I have a couple rides on the Sidi shots now. Hands down most comfortable cycling shoes I've owned. They are better than some running shoes I own.
  3. I go between 5 bikes but the queen is my lynskey cooper, sram Reds, enve 4.5. thing is a dream. Sub 17lbs.
  4. just bought some Sidi Shot's. can't wait. I have Sidi Wire's right now. They are still decent after 8years or so.
  5. I see you got Ronals. I just had one crack and got one off Alain. He has a couple left in different levels of quality if you need one.
  6. Na. I had them on my 04R. Gone a long time ago. I was happy with them though.
  7. awesome Gary. I agree with George. The 2 piece look just like the ones I got off Euro Sport. can you source the Team Dynamics still? VST's are impossible to find anymore.
  8. pretty sure this is spam but no links so we will keep an eye on this one. I use a Mac, no tablets
  9. I like the painted wipers. What's with the S? my kids have destroyed my Saffron.