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  1. Get some used seat control modules off of eBay, remove seats from car, and swap control modules. Get some 850 seatbelt catches while you're at it, too. Looks nice, how's the interior?
  2. Yeah, I think he sold his bikes last I spoke to him. Hope he's doing well.
  3. 04 KTM 950 Adventure S. Ugly AF but should be fun once I'm done stripping it down and building it back up.
  4. Been playing around with this for the past couple of months. Volvo's have been sitting.
  5. Sucks, but looks like a semi-easy repair, B-rad.
  6. Running stock halogens here but can't say I've used them at night so tough call. IIRC jewels always had the best output OEM headlight wise. No comment on JRL.
  7. Yep, fresh OEM e-codes and OEM corners.
  8. Took my own photo because the guys at the local cars and coffee don't know what it is/could care less.