1998 V70 Xc From The Beginning... to the End

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Finally close to back on the road. Rebuilt PTE6262BB (bearing let loose a month ago - no warranty since it's over a year since I purchased it - they split the retail cost). I'm thinking now I should switch to 5W40 synthetic. I've been running 5W30 dino. Precision said the cartridge exhibited signs of excessive heat, I assumed that was because the bearing cage disintegrated, but maybe the oil viscosity didn't help. Feed (-4AN) & drain are not the issue.


Replacement Howe Racing Rad, now with expansion joints - old one started seeping at the lower tank/tube seams - FULL warranty from them, even though it's been 1 1/2 years.


AP Racing Clutch kit & Kalmar Union SM flywheel designed for M66/late spline setups.


KM on left - Spec on right - substantial weight difference.


EU Ford RS oil cooler. Had to customize the water pipes for Tial WG water jacket return, and oil cooler feed offset.


Just have some minor plumbing to reinstall, but it's raining today, so no outside work.


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Forgot to add the    

Worked out a That thread has all the gory details of my mis-measurements since I built the support before I took the car apart. This is the revised plumbing overview overall supp

Wagon (shell) is being towed away tomorrow   

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AWD Dyno'd again with a good flywheel/clutch setup

446AWHP @ 8K, 20psi - 50/50 F/R torque split




Redid the intake piping in 3.25" - practiced my TIG welding...


Shelby GT500 hood scoop


1000cc (@3bar) injectors are now in - so dual 044 Bosch pumps in surge tank are next up (gonna redo the lines shown in 12mm & move the Y further from the pump outlets)- then I'll raise the boost & adjust maps


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No problems with the M66 (with Quaife).

No ultimate power goals, really. Just gonna keep going in increments until something else breaks, I guess. :D

I'm looking to make 500AWHP with the new injectors, dual pumps for a nice safety margin on the fuel delivery side, using M4.4 (via TTusb). Not much of a stretch, at this point, the turbo is more than capable, my hardware is up to the task - I have less than a 1:1 EBR, so no worries about reversion/high egt's etc, as I raise the boost a few psi to get there. getting the timing right is probably going to be the real challenge.

After that, I'll look at setting up the VEMS.

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Man, that exhaust note with the higher rev limit is music!

Looking forward to longer videos with some good audio!

If you want help, I have a GoPro (Hero3 - 1080p) and a DSLR (60D) with a RØDE high quality microphone, I could stop in on a weekend if you'd like to get some more professional videos/photos taken of this beast.

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^ Thanks for the offer, I'll have to touch base with you on that at some point - it would be nice to have some good video to share :)

Silver Rockers went on yesterday



Interior with the fake carbon fiber vinyl wrap





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you my friend are a workhorse... it takes someone not only with brains / intelligence / whits and physical abilities, but the drive you have is very,Very special! Looks nice inside , under and out ! always a fan.

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Plastidip bumper & grille



Pumps installed. Have to finish lines, regulator & rail


3/4" - 1" drain tube to RNC drain port



Additional block vent from old turbo drain port to main catch can


feeds up into center line


Extra vent from catch can to drain can




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On 11/6/2013 at 8:28 AM, matt b said:

Not sold on the plastidipped front end but I'm impressed by the engine work.

I missed the update, what wheels are you running now ?

Enkei something-or-others I don't recall the model #. I went with 225/50x17's, which is not good with a lowered chassis. Wheels fit over BBK's with no spacers.


The nice thing about the plastidip is that you can just peel it off. I did it mainly cos I didn't like the crack that had developed over the grille area. Not about to shell out another few hundred to repaint again.

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