Hussein's 1998 V70 Xr : The Force Awakens

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Glad you got it all working. Getting the IAT readings accurate was definitely a challenge. I know I only have 9 gauges compared to your 12, but you need to work on the look of your "dashboard" :lol:....

I set them up that way so I can have TT open next to it, and see it all :D

Logs from today, EGT not installed, LMA-3 MAP is odd, and IAT scale has to be off - the temp goes down when I accelerate instead of climbing





I made a new DP today; removed the old one & opened up the sealed off 1.25" WG dump on the exhaust housing, fabricated a dump tube that feeds back into the DP. Moved the flex coupling to the mid section of the exhaust, and added a V band connection for the DP.

This is how the exhaust housing used to look


I drilled out the plug, and welded a lug on top to support a 4-bolt flange designed for 20g w/external WG.

No Pics. I worked on it all day

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This is nuts, I blame the site update for the failure.

I'll take some over the weekend this morning:

Thanks, Robbie. I'm going to run 10mm ID line F/R, using AN -08 fittings from the pumps through the filter, with ORB-06 fittings for the returns.I was looking at fuel filters - I was going to use

Posted Images

My IATs go down as I accelerate.

Interested to see pics of the new downpipe.

It makes sense that they would - since the air is moving at much greater velocity - I wasn't sure since the scale is definitely off - the ambient temps were in the 80's when I did those logs.

I'll take some pics of pipe, not really very different, just the upper section. Originally, I played with the idea of the WG dump tube extending down & rejoining the DP about a foot below, but there is no room on any side to accommodate that, it was difficult enough to fit the pipe from below as it is, with the larger flange & pipe. Any larger & the subframe would have to to dropped to R&R the DP, not something I want to work with.


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Nice work, that's one of those things that you probably won't notice by itself but when you start to add it all up it makes a difference. I'd expect it will make the turbine outlet slightly more efficient, and any pressure drop after the turbine is multiplied by the turbine expansion ratio and becomes backpressure.

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So, if the area of the stock opening (61mm) is 2922.46mm2, and I have a slightly bored out housing, (64,5mm) the area of which is 3267.45mm2, then I get the difference of 344.99mm3 which is 11.75%. I would then scale my maps upwards (moving the higher load values lower down the map) by that percentage?

3" MAF has 71mm opening, so that would mean an area of 3959.19mm2, a difference of 1036.73mm2, and a 35.45% difference, assuming my math is correct.

EDIT: fixed my incorrect units of measurement :rolleyes:

Been thinking again (since I'm stuck indoors working on my Thesis all week laugh.gif ) about the MAF housing. The one I made, which is the same ID as the Volvo ME7, is 71mm. The Audi A8 Maf I bought some time ago has a true 3" ID - 76.5mm.

AUDI # 077 133 471 D Bosch# 0 280 217 804


I took it to the machine shop & had him turn down the OD so I can fit my 3" silicone couplers over it...


so.... to remap for this, I need to adjust the percentage scaling again.

My math skills are questionable, so please check it...

Area of new housing: 4596.35mm2

Area of ME7: 3959.19mm2

% difference: 4596.35 - 3959.19 = 637.16 / 4596.35 = .1386 x 100 = 13.86% difference

(see Capt Bondo's post below for corrections)

If my math is correct, I need to rescale 13.86% to adjust for increase in metering area of housing.

EDIT: Audi housing is 57% larger than stock ME4.x housing (4596.35-2922.46= 1673.89/2922.46 = .5727 x 100 = 57% difference)

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You want the % that it is larger than your existing housing,

so it should be

% difference: 4596.35 - 3959.19 = 637.16 / 3959.19 = 16.09% difference

Also while we're being picky the units are mm^2 not cm^2. ;)

Many thanks for correcting my math!

I installed the housing on the tune as is (but dropped boost to 17psi), just to see if there was any appreciable (negative) difference in throttle response, seems OK. I'm going to adjust the RPM scaling on my TT maps as well, since my peak torque & HP ranges are not currently identified, want to see if that makes any difference, moving the values.

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Did a couple of pulls with the 3" housing, ran too rich @ 18psi with the 22psi tune, so since it seemed to be behaving OK, I raised boost back to 22psi (Under-reports in log) Didn't rescale the maps, just altered the RPM scaling. Have to lower the WOT sliders to bring the AFR's back up

Barely touches full load on the MAF now, at least on these pulls. Ambient temps were pretty brutal today! Still slow though - 14sec 60-120


level 3rd/4th/5th


steep uphill grade 3rd/4th:


Fuel Map, revised rpm scale


Ign Map, revised rpm scale


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i finally got around to redoing my oilpan and cooler line. MY GOD i felt like i was working on a honda trying to pull that main water pipe. i finally pulled my turbo and then it was easier. i never want to do that on the car again.

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Good to see that MAF helped. Saw a few projects overseas with 3.5" or 4" MAFs though many will just switch to MAP. H, that 14 seconds is a bit surprising... my black S70 used to go high 12's 60-120. You've got to have more!

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I'm not going to go crazy with trying to tune it at the moment, I'm waiting for Nathan to finish up my intake. It's coming along gradually.


He says he's close to attaching the plenum, so I'll post more pics as he sends them to me.

Definitely looking forward to getting this on the wagon. biggrin.gif

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