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34 minutes ago, FINN said:

Put a set of wheels on it. 



Got any black 850 body parts in that corner?

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Finally got the dual exhaust done.

News today: My twin exaust in place and after listen someone of you, I modified rear spoiler .

Swapped my mom cars for the day. Picked up a set of Neptunes in Alabama. The father and son both drove red on black 855R's.

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17 hours ago, Kevin. said:


hows your S40 mang, gonna be at Carlisle?

Idk now with my friend's build occupying my garage/basement/driveway if I don't get the maintenance things done I'll either skip or bring something else

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13 hours ago, Kit Vexed said:

my 1st P2 looking sad..  on the outside 




Dude your house is HUGE!  ;)

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6 hours ago, German850R said:

Fitted the new summer tires today.

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 in 215/45 17 on Volans. KW V3, no spacers. Will it rub? About to find out ;)

volans 215-45-17 michelin cup 2 small.jpg


any reason you didn't pick Super Sports?

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10 minutes ago, German850R said:

Well, CUP2 are the more hardcore tire and cost only 3€ more per tire. PSS is also a great tire, maybe a little bit better than the CUP2 in the wet.


interesting, here in the US the Super Sports are nearly $100 less a tire than the Cup 2's. I know several people that go back and forth between the two and they love both, like you said the Super Sport will be a little better in the wet and is a better daily driving tire

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