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Kristian you should fiberglass the whole back side of the dash as well as all 4 mounting tabs. The dash in my red car is so solid now I can't believe it. I've realized that the metal strip method does almost nothing as the tabs just break inside of them.

Can you elaborate on this method? (sorry for threadjack)

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Thanks guys!!   Car is runninng great with the exception of an idle issue P0505 that I think we've narrowed down to the throttle shaft seal which is the only remaining leak that we can find.

if johann touches it, it doesnt count but really, i think it is more of a case of an optimistic dyno.

sunroof woes. original one broken. Replace with sunroof from 2000 XC70 works but then breaks after we install the shade.. Install third sunroof - very carefully!! clean lubricate install new shade and it works!! hooray.

I will smash you! 4A56570D-60F2-4BCB-AC3C-D5F12EDEF723_zps




but guess what... the shifter cables are broken all of a sudden. Can a guy get a break?? New cables going in while the dash is on it's way out



and now we're moving all the gauges to the a pillar and cleaning up the wiring while we wait for the evaporator to show up.


next week I think this will be done

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What was the issue with the sunroof? the original assembly from my 1997 v70r is pretty nasty, so I got a very nice one from the junk yard and am getting ready to install it. What issues did you have?

Just be gentle with it. if you're changing shades just make sure you remove the glass to get it out. Someone told me I should "shoehorn it in" which is what we did and we most likely broke the cables while screwing around with it. Clean the rails with a vacuum and compressed air, lubricate the tracks with some white lithium grease and you should be ok.

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cleaning up wiring. We pulled out all the wiring for the old zeitronix datalogger, gizmo EBC, and innovate datalogger.  so much less wiring now! It's real Nice to have the datalogging built in to the ECU.




It's unbelievable how much stuff needs to be removed to get the evaporator core out WOW what a pia.



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been too busy having babies to post recently but much progress has been made! 

Sunroof-Fixed.  Headliner-fixed  Dash-installed   and lots of bits and pieces cleaned up.





AC FIXED. AC got the complete overhaul and finally works! all new o rings, evaporator etc has been done. It's very satisfying to get that fixed finally. yecchh!


Added MAP/IAT sensors for intercooler datalogging work. (In the process of building a new high density drop in intercooler) 



These two sensors are feeding to an arduino nano board that spits out the data for me. The raw data is converted it into PSI and degrees F in an excell spreadsheet. Comparative real world testing setup courtesy of Ricky W. who  has since moved out of town and is dearly missed!  More info on that data later!


We totally tore apart the instrument cluster 3 times trying to find a combination of parts that work. Finally got it all back together with everything working correctly. we tried mix and matching some parts that weren't compatible apparently and the speedo didn't work so it took some trial an error testing. BTW what's up with the moose' on the back of the board?? 


I'll get some good pictures here soon,  that's about it for now. 

Peter's Buell


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Nice work Kristian, congrats on the baby!

Myself and a couple other guys (babyclaude, leco510) on here all went to school with Ricky - small world huh?

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On 11/5/2015, 5:16:10, sconeman said:

Thanks! Oh cool i didnt' know that. well I knew babyclaude and Ricky went to school together but not you as well.

We're kind of a cult now.  #RPIVS (that's VolvoSquad, not VolvoSpeed ;)

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Thanks guys!!


Car is runninng great with the exception of an idle issue P0505 that I think we've narrowed down to the throttle shaft seal which is the only remaining leak that we can find.  It's so nice to have everything working and looking good. It's very enjoyable to have the car running and looking the way I want it too. It's been a long time in the making. We had a day with no other work so Pete claybared, polished and waxed her. She's not perfect by any means but really nice for a 20 year old car and it's amazing how single stage paint can polish up! 








Got some heavy wax on the roof! 

I got the new core that I've been waiting for in for the prototype Drop in intercooler and we got some rough looking but functional endtanks built along with laying out the inlet outlet locations and the bracket/spacer locations. The core is 22x16x2 and is beast. We got it pressure tested and installed a couple weeks ago. Since then I've been able to get a bunch of tests run between the GPI Drop in intercooler and this new prototype. It's amazing how much more effective this one is. I can't wait to get this finished. Aaron at Beust tuning has been working hard getting tune revisions made and helping me trouble shoot stupid problems. Definitely going above and beyond to help and to really dial in the tune. After the new intercooler installation he was able to add boost and add timing in the top end and the car really pulls hard. Harder than I think it ever has in the past and very smooth.  I took the car out for a 3rd gear log that aaron asked for and I was able to log Pre and post intercooler temps as well. At the top of 3rd gear WOT at 95 mph IAT's were 49 degrees on a 35  degree day. So after pull to 95 mph IAT's were 14 degrees above ambient. More information on that to come! 





So after the final tune revisions and some last minute wastegate adjustments I decided to get the car out to my friends out at STM in Rochester for a run on their Mustang dyno.  I was not excited with the chart but still the car pulls harder than ever in every gear so numbers aside the car runs amazing and I'm very happy with that. I'd like to see what the numbers would look like on a Dynojet and there's actually one nearby so I may take it over there to get a graph on that machine too. It was a beautiful day once I got there but it rained the whole trip (2 hours each way).  She put down 252 whp and 300 wtq on the mustang. Oh well I was hoping for 300/350 maybe that's a pipe dream. I don't see how this setup could be any more dialed in than it is. the good news is that with the 02 motor this car could make some real nice power even just with a bolt on hybrid billet wheel K24 and a retune. I think she could bump up 50-75 at the wheels with that one change at this point. Sooo tempting. 

Dyno Vid link click here: 













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