S80 Ecu Removal Special Tool Workaround ***solved***

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So I found myself needing to remove my ECU to send it out for repairs. I dont want to spend another $40 on a use once tool. So, I was going to fashon a tool to remove it from scrap. Earlier I found a specification to make it from. But first i wanted to try some nylon body trim tools. I didn't have much luck, then i noticed this...


There was a latch at the front of the ECU bay(box, whatever u wanna call it), near the main loom going in the front.

I looked around and found 3 more latches. I released them all with my fingers, no tools!


It took some flexing and forcing to get the middle section of the ECU bay over the ECUs. It was no sweat really.


Sides are off and the ECU and socket can be raised up and moved about a bit. BE CAREFUL the harness is tight and doesn't offer too much movement. Don't pull a wire out of the connector!


Now all there is to do is press the latches and release the ECU, Remove. All without a tool. LOL!


Have fun with this one.

To quote Charlie Sheen, "WINNER!!"

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Yeah, that's pretty much what I did for my 99 V70R. Didn't think to take pics and post it. Might help others. I found it a little hard to reengage the sliders all the way to lock it back in to place when reseating the ECU (I think I used a small screwdriver to slide it back in), but it's definitely doable without the special tool once you take the sides off.

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