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Haha then show up I'll throw ice at you if your cold, and light a lighter if your hot, in relation to distance to the ard token? !

We are ready for the first run of the Florida shaped Swedish flag emblems... I need a total of 5 or more for the first run.. Delivery time should be about a week from payment to your door. Embl

WOW too cool! :tup: Can you make one for Virginia! :lol:

Ill look in to that...... Its very possible..

they'd be pretty cool as keychains, i gotta say...

Thats a possibility too

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So I got a question for the former florida residents... Reid, Gary, Juan, Corey....

Why did you move out of this lovely shit hole of a state?

They knew the zombies were coming.

Good thing it seems newyork is now infected.

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Woot, que the lay-offs.

Just got rid of 3 of our best.

down to like 8 or 9 in the shop. full office staff, and loads of installers.

Sorta strange when this place ust to employ over 100 shop employees a few years ago.

Just goes to show how cheap it is to manufacture in mexico and import to the US.

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Gotta call them back... again.

Guy keeps blowing it off saying hes too busy to talk. <_< we might just say fuck it and do it at the park :lol:

and ill figure out something for a cruise and photos. Not much scenery in Orlando though.

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Is the Volvo scene dead? Group disbanded? I have someone asking if there was a group still active in Central FL.

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