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Dam thing keeps fucking scrolling back to the top now, and its a very very recent change, as in past hour.

Tried clicking into *awesome thing happened to you today* scrolled down to the bottom, once it loaded "fully" it shot back up to the top, pulled it back down and it keeps scrolling up <_<

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I will take a look, but this page in age, most of the mobile users are using the full skin not even the mobile. About to do some pretty large updates though so this time around I will make sure androi

Apple :lol:

Get used to it. Chuck doesn't care. It's a malware laden platform where the lack of control of what gets made available to users to install makes it inherently a free-for-all.

pretty much works fine on my bb. Except the quotes doesnt seem messed up to me. Im also pretty sure bb is last on chucks list of things to even consider.

I will address BB issues before android if that makes you feel better. BB issues can be fixed. Droid is a freaken crap shoot.

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