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I'm just wondering which logic pins control which output.

I believe I figured out how to convert a non-turbo ECU to turbo and how to use a 960 ECU in an 850 (will make COP conversion much easier). I just don't have a functional vehicle to test in right now.

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Attention: The first 30 or so pages of this thread are outdated. Please refer to the M4.4 Wikia article where all the relevant information is currently being collated. Before asking any questions p

Crush it.

After alot of testing and rewriting code, we finally got a useful new mod working. As we all know, some time ago my dad Piet found out how to convert to bigger maf housings with the maf factor. Conver

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This is the pinout for the m43 driver integrated circuits. Or at least I'm 99.9% sure it is after comparing the connections on the 2 driver integrated circuits, and comparing the connections of the injector driver integrated circuit to the ECU pinout, which seem to be in firing order.

I'll have to trace the m44 ones to find out how they compare to the m43 version exactly, but a lot of the pins of the m43 version are connected to ground. My guess would be they might have just combined those into 1 ground pin, and kept the rest the same.

Either that, or the m43 version actually has more in & outputs which are grounded & unused, and the m44 version just has less in/outputs.


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I am having issues with my 1995 t5 m4.4 swap, on start up the vacuum gauge goes the normal position and idles nicely, but when put in drive going forward the vacuum drops down to the center and the brakes become hard as rock, this lasts for about 30 seconds and happens only when engine is cold.. engine seems to run a little different when this is happening.

I am sure this did not happen with 4.3 .

also changed the booster hose under the battery and the check valve on the booster.

Something in the stock 607 tune maybe? like if it goes overly rich or operates a vacuum valve that depletes boost.

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Start logging so you can see what is happening in the ECU. My guess is that your fueling is off (as Chrispy_T suggested), which would result in your fuel trims being very high or low. I also had whites initially, and the stock injector values didn't match my setup very well.

If this is the case, calibrate your injectors as discussed in this thread. You can do it without a WB, although a WB would help a lot if you are going to tune.

Good luck!

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Im still looking forward to COP, What problems are you having converting the 5 cylinder to COP? Thought it was just 12 resistors that needed adding and the code altering?

A simple code altering would be enough if the engine always started by firing the same cylinder and never missed a beat.

Changing the code to make use of cylinder synchronization through reverse engineering of undocumented disassembled code is guru material.

I don't know if anyone is actively working on this at the time.

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I failed to notice TMM9s small status update.

Someone should donate a car to him for testing.


Have you figured out how to reduce from 6cyl to 5cyl?

Can you reduce it further to 4cyl?

It would be cool to run a B20 on M4.4

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Yes, I got my car running with 960 coils and a slightly modified 850 ECU. Cylinder 5 wouldn't fire, but I think that was due to a poorly constructed harness. I did determine how to keep the ignition coils in sync with the firing order. It would be possible to fire as many, or as little, cylinders as you want. It could be possible to even use a wasted spark system with 2/3 coils, although with an uneven number of cylinders this seems a bit problematic.

Venderbroeck has been testing my code and got ME7 coils running today. He'll chime in soon enough I'm sure.

Btw, can anyone with a 960 ECU test it in their 850?

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