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We have been testing

Yes, I got my car running with 960 coils and a slightly modified 850 ECU. Cylinder 5 wouldn't fire, but I think that was due to a poorly constructed harness. I did determine how to keep the ignition coils in sync with the firing order. It would be possible to fire as many, or as little, cylinders as you want. It could be possible to even use a wasted spark system with 2/3 coils, although with an uneven number of cylinders this seems a bit problematic.

Venderbroeck has been testing my code and got ME7 coils running today. He'll chime in soon enough I'm sure.

Btw, can anyone with a 960 ECU test it in their 850?

My son (vanderbroeck) had prepared a M44 ECU for COP testing and he flashed your bin.

We are testing your bin at this very moment in my car.

All cylinders are firing now, we are getting good signals on all cilinders on the oscilloscoop and........ the engine is running on the COP's !!!!!.

A little rough at the moment, but that's because we forgot to update the maf table for my S90 maf.

We are now calculating dwell times first to fill in the whole dwell table, after which we will take the car for a ride......

Tightmopedman9: Great work !!!!!!!

No need for 960 coils, we could attach the newer and better ME7 coils directly to the ECU without any problems....

No extra powerstages are needed for them.

We also have a 960 ECU available for testing btw.

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Crush it.

After alot of testing and rewriting code, we finally got a useful new mod working. As we all know, some time ago my dad Piet found out how to convert to bigger maf housings with the maf factor. Conver

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Excellent work TMM9, Venderbroeck and Piet!

Regarding the logging part using a microcontroller and an SSD card there is also some news, interesting diffirent approaches. Might be interesting to follow.

Maybe you will need a TunerPro account to see this topic.


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Which dwell table was used? I remember reading the ME7 coils use a different dwell to the 960

We recalculated the dwell time to about 1.9 ms. This is on the safe side, but it's also what volvo recommends.

Experimentation by my dad showed the actual dwell time for the bosch coils to be around 2.3 ms @ 14v I believe (I think this was posted somewhere earlier in this thread).

We will construct an accurate dwell time table based on experimental data for different voltages later on.

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Adjusting the TCV map:

This about overshoot or undershoot problem in the management of turbos.
You do not want to boost spikes or the opposite, a slow-reacting turbocharger.

Motronic 4.4 works with a target load and how much effort that load needs to be achieved.
When the target load duty cycle value is too high, you will get an overshoot and maybe damage to your engine.
With a target load too low, it will take too long before you reach your desired pressure.
There is thus an ideal, though you will not see any difference in terms of horsepower, the car will certainly feel very different.

Some expertise on the matter of measurement and control technology helped me to create an conversion table. Just using the history tabes. Pasted this in Excel, and calculated a new TCV duty cycle table. This works perfectly. In fact the only thing that matters is that your algorithm works converging. An iteration of two or three is more than sufficient. More important is that you cover all load ranges.

Looks simple but this is not perfect yet. I am thus perfectly on the target power at any time. But just a little too slow.
Why? In the way I just described, you will have no turbo overshoot. Only to slow in reaction on your throttle. You will need a one time overshoot for perfect behavior. One small overshoot is acceptable. No undershoot afterwards.

In control technology we call it the zeta factor. With a value of 1 you get exactly your desired values​​, but rather late. I am at this stage now. At exactly that value
At a zeta of 0.707 a control system operates ideally. That means a little over lap in boost. Minimum boostspike no undershoot afterwards, but a stable load / boost.
If you have a zeta 1 as I am now, with fraction too slow and building pressure, it is not very difficult to go further.

Most important is that you begin with that same stable zeta value of 1 over the entire range. No over or undershoot. Then raise your duty cycle values ​​for TCV with perhaps only 2% and you're pretty good.

The latter standard theoretial percentage has yet to prove itself in practice. This is after all a non-linear feedback system. But anyway, a nonlinear system should act reasonably linear with such small changes.

Finding optimal values ​​for a feedback system is always tricky two things: Non linearity and time delay.
Sigh. That bit of theory out there. ;)

I hope it is comprehensible the way I stated this.
What I have achieved is that I at once after logging can almost automatically adjust to the optimal values​​. Several tables including turbo related, A ride or two or three is enough to achieve them. Ideal values
And more importantly: The calculation seems to work to achieve zeta 1. Now to the 0,707 but that's a relatively small step.

Public XLSX will come soon.

With more maps I can achieve the same.. But a dyno hub will be better. But there is nothing against starting with good values. ;)

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Fortunately I'm using MSD coil for 7 months and I didn't notice any problem so far.

MSD coil is not made to the same standards as Bosch. I tried one, it died just under a year old. Better to use a Bosch coil if you are running higher than stock power output.

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Maybe a stupid question:

What drives the popping sounds during up-shifting or after acceleration that makes some cars spit small flames? How can this be influenced using the Motronic 4.4?

To my understanding, that should be non-ignited air/fuel mixture.

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