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news from this side, my car is getting better and better, this is one of my last logs

i'm getting strange knock on the 3rd cylinder and some knock on the other but not every time...


The knock on 3 isn't real knock as the bits are only low.

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Crush it.

After alot of testing and rewriting code, we finally got a useful new mod working. As we all know, some time ago my dad Piet found out how to convert to bigger maf housings with the maf factor. Conver

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I finally got everything right on my car, and thought I would start some real tuning. I downloaded virtualdyno to see if I could get reproducibility in my results, and chose a quiet highway onramp as my test track.

I did a first run from stop, WOT to about 100km/h or so. Checked logs, zero knock.

Drove calmly back to the on ramp, stopped, and repeated the run. Same spot, same plan. This time I might have got a little more wheelspin (maybe I moved the steering slightly), but nothing too ridiculous, and …A bent rod… :tdown:

Looked over my logs, I got one knock retard event low down (3.5degrees) and then another later on (2.5 degrees on another cylinder and at a gear change) iirc. I have had way more knock retard than this in the past (when I started tuning and my fueling etc was off), but I guess I was just lucky then…

I guess you never really know how close to the edge until you go over it.

I want to post my logs somewhere (I may start a new thread) so if anyone is interested they can see what bent a rod on a relatively stock engine. But I left the log running after I bent the rod (I just wanted to get home quickly), and as such it is long.

Is there a way of shortening the tunerpro log file?

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Oh man! I'm sorry to hear that. I do not know of any way to shorten a tunerpro log.

Could you post a copy of the .bin you were running when you bent your rod?

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Quick question, is there a reason a motronic suite bin not to connect tuner pro when trying to log?

I'm sure it has been covered in the last million pages but I can't find it

A buddy of mine flashed the stock 608 bin instead of the rev5 bin and now it won't connect to log. I sent him the rev5 bin and it logs no problem.

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This time I might have got a little more wheelspin (maybe I moved the steering slightly), but nothing too ridiculous, and …A bent rod… :tdown:

Is there a way of shortening the tunerpro log file?

Sorry to hear it.

Export the log in .csv format, choosing the criteria to be exported. Open in excel, and cut it down to the time area of the log that covers the event. Shouls look something like this: You can highlight specific data.


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Here is the bin I had in my car when the rod bent


I had been running it (with only slight variation) for a few weeks... I recently put an aluminium radiator and intercooler into the car, but they should only help save the engine you would think...

Here is my first run of last night, as you can see - no knock at all. It actually felt quite good!


Here is the second (and last) run of last night. It is the same stretch of road.


As you can see, I get knock in a few places on the second run.

Anyone care to take a guess as to which rod is bent? :)

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Very sad to read this Clinton,

I have just taken a look at the target load setpoint.

To my opinion the boost increase is too abrupt for a stock engine.

Anyway, I would not dare to do a 0-100 sprint. The wot tests I do all start at a minimum of 50km/h.

Frustrating, what happened. And as you mentioned, you only know when you have gone too far when you have gone too far.

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I knowingly pushed my car very hard, so although it is frustrating - it was going to happen sometime. I have a spare stock engine, so that will go in while I build my current engine. I just have to figure out where to get my H-beam rods, bearings, etc.

I just hope my mistakes will help others that are self tuning - i.e. about where the limits actually are. The only other logs I saw from a bent rod had heaps of knock, and I did my best to make sure I didn't have much knock at all.

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I was running on TCV only (not target load). A lot depends on your wastegate preload - I had mine set to about 5.5 psi. All in all I was running about 18psi at boost, with a small blip to about 20psi when the auto gearbox changed gears.

Obviously very close to the limits of my setup (or actually per definition a bit over the limit of my setup :) )

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Sorry, I forgot you used the TCV only.

The first thing that I see in your logs is that your engine is running very lean on heavy load: In the first run an average of 13.4 AFR.

18psi is somewhat high, but I still think the main cause is the full throttle starting at zero speed.

Good luck with the rebuild!

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