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3 hours ago, Brad850 said:

So I'm guessing the threads on coilovers can take a crazy amount of abuse? I've always wondered how that works. It looks like all of the force from any bump you hit is pushing up against the threads.

I want to say it holds on 7 or 8 of the square threads and so it had a large area to put it through, have to figure there isn't any play either so the"shock force" or whatever is minimal since they are attached the whole time. 


13 hours ago, gmsgltr said:

wow - interested to see/hear more on the motor work

Really looking forward to it. Doing shims as well while the heads off. I'll need to get a before after video. 

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Very much icing on the cake at this point. A shift boot made from pieces of and R seat. 

OK so, Had the rear seal replaced on the angle gear as well as the fluid changed out. No longer leaks on the hot exhaust making the terrible terrible stench. Started in on wrapping the exhaust and g

Alright I should see there return early next week but the kind people at Performance Shock Inc were gracious enough to provide me with some pictures of the rebuild and testing process. 

Posted Images


nice album of progress pictures from all this refresh and upgrade work. Car is still out there as a result of some time crunch but I'll hopefully have a chance to journey back out for it soon. 


apart from the cyclinder head we did. 

new: ac compressor, ac accumulator, crank pulley, crank TB pulley because I bought the wrong balancer, oil pump seal and bring, big Volvo deseil oil cooler, water outlet oring, clamps that we're all worm gear are now oteiker, changed over the heat sheilding to a new style p2 one. Angle gear big ring seal, yother rear toe arms, removed old air run from the pcv box and routed directly to the catch can, adjustable timing gear, front engine mount, tie rods, control arms, front wheel bearings. 

Reclocked the front brake lines as well to avoid contact with the wheels. 


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Getting to the bottom of some oil in the cylinder. Looks pretty much like my catch can setup was a stupid ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD idea and moving it to a good spot with proper suction is finally letting the built up oil through the intake and cylinder 1 and 2. That does seem to have now cleared up. Picked up a very cheap Snap-on scope and got some pictures in there. 


Those are the intake side valves

Again no oil hanging from them

Things are looking better and I'll check back in a few more hard sessions of driving to see what's cleared up. 

You can see the think residue oil that was living in the throttle body coupler. 

Had a good amount of the DEI reflecta gold left over from the fire wall work. Put it to use on my airbox. 








Not the biggest fan of how all the tubes and wires kind of have to criss cross there next to the intake and intake plenum. But maybe that's just reality of it. 


Also added a roof rack and some brand new rails I got from ebay. 
Washed and used Wipe New on the rails and rubber trim pieces. Got two full sets from the junkyard just to have the ability to pick through the nicest ones. 







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When I look at your engine bae I only see a bowl of spaghetti. 


JUST joshin’ ya there. Your bay is disgustingly clean, so shut your dang mouth.

Your wagon is looking so good, even if I don’t necessarily know if I like roof rails or not. I really vacillate on that topic. But Jesus man, your car is just so nice. 💗 

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16 hours ago, B_Dub said:

When I look at your engine bae I only see a bowl of spaghetti. 


JUST joshin’ ya there. Your bay is disgustingly clean, so shut your dang mouth.

Your wagon is looking so good, even if I don’t necessarily know if I like roof rails or not. I really vacillate on that topic. But Jesus man, your car is just so nice. 💗 

Someone toucha ma Spagett! That section needs love I'll figure something out with it for sure. Also Griotts best in show spray detail wax whatever. The light blue one 🙂 
I had one on there very briefly years ago. I put one back on because I won that box last year and after the first road trip in the xc70 with it, keeping the tools, oil, other big stuff up there. I found it really nice to not have that jangling etc in the cabin. So it's a sacrifice I can make at this point in time. Really used to laugh at people with the stuff on top of the car but I kind of understand it now. I've got 1.5 sets of full rails still and I'll keep grabbing nice ones as I see them at the junkyard too. With all that I've got two road trips planned in it this summer. One to Deleware for a wedding and another to long beach island. So extra bits and everything would be swell to drag along. 

7 hours ago, gmsgltr said:



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14 hours ago, Ol' Dirty Noodle said:

Maybe you drove through some nasty stuff, oily grimey puddle 🤷🏼‍♂️

Maybe.. Perhaps clean and monitor if it comes back. Coming from somewhere up there I think. Weird that it's so liquid despite nothing back there being that thin.

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2 hours ago, tuner4life said:

Check that the prop shaft bolts are tight, and snug up the crimp-clamp on the boot. Mine did this last year on the front yoke and the bolts had actually worked themselves a little loose.

I'll start there, not a bad idea. I think I red locktited the fronts not sure about the back. Comes with some on there but probably not enough. 

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