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Thank you all for being patient during all of the updates. In the next week or so I should have everything back in working order. Fixing some issues with the Garage and the images now. In the mean time thank you all for being patient. For being so loyal, if you are interested in Gold Membership use the coupon code "loyal". That code will get you 70% off Gold Level Membership. 

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Plan on doing a few patches tomorrow so might be some downtime. Should all be under 10 minutes. Had to reboot mail server tonight and rebuilding some of the packages on the server as we speak. This should help with a few of the issues being reported. 

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Looks like the earlier archive issue. 

Another thing, there is no direct dialog for placing a link text with embedded URL. Now you have to paste an URL, click is and change the link text. A bit puzzling IMO. 

Maybe add a dialog to the "insert other media" button?

Something like "Insert link text from URL"  

This because non of the good old BBCode is being processed properly anymore.



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Am I limited on my upload limit in posts and such due to the fact I'm not a supporting member? I try to upload multiple photobucket links and keep getting a 403 error screen. If its because I'm not supporting, that's fine, if not, wtf is wrong with posting multiple pictures? Very annoyed.

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1. http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/bugs-and-errors/

2. You can post multiple photos or albums from the gallery here, but if you use photo bucket you have to post them one at a time. I assume you mean post not upload.

3. Sorry this issue brought so much strife to your life. 

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