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460 miles round trip to Carlisle last weekend

behind Adam's 744TD on the way to meet Ryan, Nick up near Middletown


Michael's great pic of my X1/9 on the field. Volvo got moved across from Fiat/Alfa/Lancia, so no dilemma as to where to park



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This is the C30 I bought to replace the XR back in September. 91K,  M66. Had to drive almost 5 hrs out into PA to get it. Basic handling mods are lowered (Eibach ProSport), stiffer rear

Got the headlamp adjusters made   More work on tying the nose / fenders together lines getting close now cut out the fender arch for the Chrysler

Got the custom Bell IC installed. Fabricated to my spec: 2.75" I/0, 8"x3.5", 28" core, 36.2 overall width.   Found a brand new in box R Design Steering wheel on eBay for $150

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45 minutes ago, adamdrives said:

And it only died once :a-farmboy:

Yeah! Found the actual problem yesterday when it wouldn't start after Ann & I were done with our 2 hour hike on the Long Path (Hook Mountain area) 



- the injector suppression relay -


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Moving along with the Hilton Tune. Ran the series of logs 2-6.5k rpm in 3rd on 8 different tune files, then recieved a base tune for my setup. 2-6.5K logs on that results in further adjustments, and so on. Up to rev. 5 now. His service & prompt responses are much appreciated.

His recal for the 550's also created a coldstart issue similar to Elevate - however, with a couple of minor (and short time frame) tweaks that seems resolved.

 I'm hitting 975 kg/h already, which is apparently close to max ( I would have thought 1080 kg/h, or is that M4.4, can't remember) for the stock MAF (72mm/ 2.83" ID). Audi RS4 MAF (83mm / 3.25" ID) is recommended, however I can't find the precise version & I'm not buying a part I can get wholesale, from VIVA.

Edit : didn't look hard enough ;)


Connector should be:

1J0973999A (only one I can find that includes 06-08 RS4 model)


I'm surprised no one with a high boost K16 Shark tune has been told they should get a larger MAF....


Gonna need a different filter - similar dimensions but 3.5" inlet.  RE-0950

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I installed the RS4 MAF this afternoon, and repinned the socket, no big deal. Switched to an RF-1015 (4" neck, with a piece of silicone hose inset to drop ID to 3.6")  filter until the 3.5" neck one arrives tomorrow. Loaded a revised tune with the rescaling for the larger ID MAF.




Recorded peak flow with stock MAF @ 5388rpm, 19psi, was 953 kg/h
Recorded peak flow with RS4 MAF @ 5093rpm, 20psi, was 1031 kg/h

This should provide more tuning headroom since MAF value will not tap out.

sample from log. Obviously still under construction, total boost should be about 23psi, so further calibration is required here. I've disabled the traction control as that causes it to go flat when the tires start to try & break loose 


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6 hours ago, NEU said:

How does the cutout work? Were you having issues before?

It disables the Yaw sensor. Just turning off DSTC on the column doesn't stop the system from yanking control away from you under hard accel / spirited driving - the effect it has is to make the throttle go completely flat / dead for split seconds - very disconcerting if you are maneuvering at speed, or rolling through a tight low speed turn, go to punch it, and find that you have no power at all - it's a fucked up system to be sure. Much worse with the K16, etc.

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Moved the knock sensor to the other side of the motor, lower down on the block. Wasn't ever registering any knock in old location, it was suggested it was too close to valve train. Had to make an M8 - 1/8" NPT insert for the coolant drain port





Got a M14x1.5 base VDO 5bar sender to use for the OP gauge, so I could remove the 1/8" NPT Volvo/VDO sender & use that for fuel pressure


Adding a fuel pressure gauge to the X1/9. Using a Volvo 5bar OP guage & sender on the rail I made. Already had fitted WBO2 and Oil Temp, so had to make a revised gauge holder allowing for 4. Situated where ashtray and storage cubby used to be




The Oil temp guage is white face, only thing I could get at the time, wasn't really an issue with only two gauges, now it looks a little sheisty


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11 hours ago, gdog said:

Nice; I'd say you're back on the mod wagon!!  Good for the rest of us too..  :tup:

Curious, what's the covering on the alum gauge substrate?

Thanks 😊

The covering is just carbon weave vinyl I bought years ago for the XR console, etc.

Running close to the end of obvious mods to both cars 😫

Not sure what'll be next once the bodywork is done with on the X1/9. I haven't mapped out a projection for what else may be needed for either car. 

Only thing that's really left for the C30 would be AWD and a larger turbo 😄 - the turbo part would be possible with Hilton tuning for it - the AWD is problematic only due to software interface.

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Spoke too soon. Head gasket blew Sunday 134,320K miles. Fortunately less than a mile from home when I smelled burnt coolant. Got home, shut it down, restart & puff of coolant smoke. Pulled head & found gasjket blown beween 2-3. A problem - all the fire rings overhang the bore with this gasket. Didn't notice this when I installed it. Lasted almost 2K.


Fire ring offset - equal amount hung over the bore at the front face.




Also three lobes of the cam are toast.




No clear indication of why on the cam, oil delivery would kill all the lobes & gall the journals, no?




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Wow, not bueno!   :sad:

Aftermarket head gasket I take it w/poor qc?

About the cam lobes, most bizarre.  Only thing that comes to mind is cam lobes not properly hardened?  Honda v four motorcycle engines had this issue back in the early 80s IIRC.  Lobes would literally grind away with normal driving.  Again, aftermarket (poor quality) cam?

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    • By hk20000
      My 1997 Volvo 850 wagon has some really tired suspension, and on top of that the car originally came with Nivomat self-leveling system.

      Now I don't really need a self leveling unit I don't carry a lot on a regular basis, and a Nivomat shock costs $270 a pop from rockauto. If I do that I might as well get a set of springs and some high performance shocks to refresh the suspension components and give it a nice drop while we are there. The Nivomat shocks themelves have a really strong rebound and it's part of what props the car up in wagons so equipped. It's supposed to sag less than 1" even when loaded with 300lb of load in the boot. That means if I just replace my dampers the springs alone will not be able to prop the car up, and the rear will sag a lot. In order to remove the Nivomat system from a wagon, a set of non-nivomat coil springs will also be installed. Since it's impossible to buy 1 pair of springs I'm stuck to buying a set of springs. And therefore might as well replace all 4 shock absorbers.

      What kind of options do I have for this wagon? I want to know if there are some Volvo-specific brands I should also look out for.

      From Tire Rack alone there are the following options:
      Eibach Pro springs
      H&R Sport springs
      Koni Sport dampers
      Koni FSD dampers
      Koni FSD dampers and springs set
      Koni STR street struts
      KYB gas-a-shock OEM replacement
      KYB GR-2 / Excel G shock
      Bilstein HD shocks
      Bilstein Touring Class

      If I want heavy duty daily use on rougher paved roads and retain OEM-like comfort but with enhanced cornering and highway stability, which combination would you recommend? Discuss.