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Part of the garage will be my detailing studio.  There will be a scissor lift as well for my work and general Volvo things. I haven't checked the specs of the concrete yet.  Parties will be had and Johann,  I know what you mean. 

Got everything moved today to the shed.  We are remodeling much of the  house.  

Then a John Derr showed up to help. 



Then I bought his T5M.


Now they're brothers. 


And woooooo we have wood under carpets. 


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Got the keys last night!   

On 3/10/2016 at 4:28 AM, FINN said:



Got the keys last night! 


Before you move all your stuff in, we're gonna need a vid of you doing some donuts in that space, and don't tell us there's not room..  :biggrin:

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Thanks Tommy.  Introduced the T5M to brother in laws T5M. 



Had a lot of people over helping with the demo. 



Opened up a can of worms with the rail. 


Converting the whole house to LED with the exception of some Edison bulbs. 


Painted the fireplace chimney. 


Also updated light fixtures to better suit the style of the house. 



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The front yard opened up quite a bit.  Should make for good bon fires. 



6 minutes ago, turbobrick said:

nice digs bud, loving the unattached garage!

Thanks Chris.  We can get into trouble out there. 

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