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I designed and a friend 3d printed adaptor brackets for to retrofit real HID bi-xenon projectors ($35 from Ali) into my ABM housings. Nothing was changed in the headlight itself, the old projectors could be reinstalled if needed. The pink was the last prototype print before final tweaks and printing in black. Ignore the remnants of the epoxy putty I originally did the mounting with right before my friend bought a 3d printer...








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Lets get some stuff out of the closet, ResearchGate TB style 🙂


Wanted to blank my 19T bypass valve and install the Turbosmart PRO Veeport BOV. Decided to install it in the first elbow of the DO88 RIP pipe kit. Thus the elbow should be modified into t-piece. It has some angle, thereby no regular aftermarket t-piece could be applied. Also there are no easy options to glue the silicone, e.g. self fusing silicone tapes are awesome, but they generate zero adhesion to already cured silicone. Decided to make a clone of the DO88 unit with additional output for my BOV. 

Casted that elbow in gypsum, attached the aluminum BOV v-flange ring, and made custom elbow with t-piece outlet for the BOW. 




Used shoe wax as mold release agent, fiberglass and Loctite RTV gasket silicone for elbow, after curing just hammered the gypsum out. The custom unit seems to be elastic, solid and strong. Time will show how it behaves in real enginebay conditions. 


The wrap itself was a nasty dirty pita, it isn't  the most beautiful unit, but structural integrity is superb. TD04 also received 9 blade turbine wheel and 6/6 billet compressor wheel. Forge piston WGA also was installed and hotend got port&polished so hoping this all will benefit better boost control and top end power - two bottlenecks of every  stock 19t

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