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TEEKAY,  awesome that you found this. Just wish more of them were there.  


There was an HD TCV how-to,  PCV system how-to,  motor mount how-to, battery relocation,  adjustable FPR, turbo install, poly bushings, etc.  Lot's of good info got lost. 

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great readings! :D


I have made some videos guides on youtube over the years but they are in swedish :/ 


Shifting headlights without removing front


Replace centrallocking motor rear door


replace handbrake wire


replace the armrest plastic thingy


installing Bi-xenon linse 


replace brake disks


replace sealings for the axels , gearbox (manual box)


Replace AC unit


Replace clutch



ops was more videos then i expected xD

Dang .. cant edit post .. well well.


I hope these videos help someone out there^^

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