Mystery downpipe


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I inherited some parts a couple years ago and am trying to figure out what this downpipe goes to. I was told a Volvo, but can't find any pics online that look identical. I have owned 850R's and S60R's and am hoping it's for the S60R as that's what I'm currently driving. I have checked and can find no markings on it anywhere. 

It has three ports (I guess that's what they're called) - one right on the back of the head, one down a little ways and one all the way at the end.  I assume those are for O2 sensors although thought my car only had 2. And why is the back one extended like that?  

Any help is greatly appreciated as I'd love to either use this or if it doesn't fit my car, pass it along to someone who can use it. 




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That is most likely an 850 straight flange.  It won't fit an S60 turbo because the turbo flange is angled and definitely won't fit an AWD S60; it won't clear the driveline.

The upper bung is for a wideband sensor.  The two other bugs appear to be in the correct places.  The extension in the rear is to fool the rear O2 sensor since this downpipe has removed the catalytic converter.

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