P0337 nightmare xc90 help!


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So i bought this xc90 t6, yes I know garbage trans.  

Had a new timing belt, water pump, coils, etc.

Had a lean idle which I traced out to upper charge pipe.

Then developed this hot start issue.

First gave code rpm signal missing i don't recall exact dtc #.

Swapped cpk with spare had from my p80 rn swap no luck.

Did some research and read about the starter worn brushes causing emi interrupting rpm signal.

Replaced starter with a db electronics $65 yes I should've went oem but they have awesome reviews and warranty 3 years.

Well issue solved!! Yaaa wait 2 weeks later hot start issue once again.

Starts about 2 cranks when cold, when hot takes many attempts and often gives reduced engine performance message.

So I figured can't be starter again already i try a brand new (oem) sensor no luck try swapping sensor bracket now i actually get the p0337 and every time rev above 3k I get reduced engine performance that goes away soon as it rests at idle but returns every time revs above 3k again.

I'm going to reseat bracket again make sure I got it tight and straight etc.

Any other suggestions?

Think my cheapo starter bit me in the ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD and lasted the 2 weeks?

I know it's not the engine trans mating surface issue as it was temporarily resolved. When I put the new starter in I tried shutting down fully warm and immediate restart many times to be sure it was fixed and was flawless for the 2 weeks.

Thought maybe was possible was actually crank sensor this time and maybe changing bracket just caused a new issue if wasn't seated properly.

Guess I'll swap bracket back and if no luck bite the bullet on a bosch starter for the $200+....

But open to input..

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