AWD angle gear problems

Mike M.

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Got a 2000 V70-R AWD and the bearings in the angle gear assembly are shot. I cannot locate these bearings anywhere. Not in any parts house, not the dealer, not online. The used angle gear assemblies do not match and I am unable to locate the correct unit. Does ANYONE know where I can find these bearings? The gears are fine and the seals are readily available. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated!

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2000 is a weird year. Its uses a different transfer case that 96-99. You could use a 96-99 transfer case if you swap downpipes and right axles (might be some complications with this / might have to combine 2 different axles).

They're all generic SKF or Timken bearings. Nothing special. Don't order the Volvo PNs for the bearings theyre mostly NLA or not even on the diagram.

Just read off the parts numbers on the bearings. You'll have to take the whole thing apart.

For the ring gear you need 2 x 32010X (SKF OR TIMKEN ETC). The pinon depends... there are two different style pinons so you'll need to disassemble it.

The 96-99 pinon is

M86610 Pinion bearing cup, outer 1
M86647 Pinion bearing, outer 1
HM89410 Pinion bearing cup, inner 1
HM89449 Pinion bearing, inner 1

The 00 I believe is

1x SKF 32006 X/Q
1x TIMKEN 32007 XM

I know everything there is to know about these angle gears (even designed, manufactured and built my own). If you're in the US I may have some spare time to do a full rebuild for you.

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