V70 2005, battery re connection without damaging modules.


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First post here, previously on VOC.

Currently trying to diagnose why I have no heat at all, and I mean it is stone cold. But that will probably be another post.

While trying to solve the above, I have come across several stories of the CCM being allegedly damaged by incorrectly reconnecting the battery. I do this regularly to top up the battery and just place the battery terminals back on with no key in. Having said that I now have a freezing car and when I press the CCM auto button, with heat selected, it switches on the dam air conditioning :o and makes the car even colder.

What procedure do you use when reconnecting your battery ?

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Huh, that's weird. I've never heard of that. I always disconnect and reconnect the P2 batteries like any other car... key off, remove negative first, and when replacing, install positive first.

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