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Hi fellow V70r's. 

I have owned my manual V70R since 2005. It has full Volvo S.H and i am only the second owner. The original owner put 4k miles on it from new then sold it.

The mileage currently is 11, 200 miles  and it is 100% original to the point it still smells new. I understand that some cars are described as 'as new' but this car

genuinely is exactly as it left the factory. It is stored in a heated garage, under cover and has never seen a winters day or road salt. I am thinking i may

be ready to let her go to a fellow enthusiast and i would like to have some feed back regarding a reasonable value if at all possible?

It has the Blue Nordcap interior. The rear seats have been sat in twice. The front seats have had quilted covers from new. It has additional carpets. The interior is perfect.

The car will come with the number plate. I have the original sales documentation, every MOT, tax disk and every invoice from new. It has never had a repair and the paint

to all panels, bumpers and wheels is 100% original. The only additional extra to the car is a sub woofer. It does not have a sun roof. I could go on but i know you all know these cars

and so there is nothing other than to say this car is genuinely 'as brand new'.  Any replies via the forum please. Thanks in advance to anyone who could provide a guide price. Thank you.

V70 RRR2.jpg

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