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Regarding1998, V70-T5, the 240ps version, automatic transmission

How strong are the rods and pistons? Are they forged from factory?

After do top overhaul and fresh stage 0 service, with 16T, white injectors (350cc i guess) , with a remap, could it hold 300bhp safely (bhp at engine,not at wheel) ?

16T can max safely to what bhp and boost ? What is cfm value for 16T ?

is it true 19T is known for con rods bend? if true,what factor people call 19T as rod bender? is it because of very fast spool?

any suggestions of other turbos for 300bhp? 18T , 19T, 20T or K24 ?

Thanks bros

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An 18T will bend rods, I know from experience.  Mine was a failed stock boost controller.

An 18T or 19T will get you close to what you want, but you will need other mods, at least a down pipe and green injectors.

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Iv seen past posts about folks getting 300 out a 16T with a nice tune and supporting mods. They might be old post but they are in here. I had a 19T back in the day on my old 850 daily and it did ok ( had a tune and IPD boost control solenoid). Not sure if they still make it BUT it was a 19t on the market that didn't spool so fast in early RPM's.

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