-solved- 98' C70 help with part identification and repair

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The weather has been nicer lately so every squeak from my struts makes me want to fix the issue causing it. I tracked down the noise to this part here using WD40. 


Its two round black rubber pieces on the very top of the struts in the engine bay. The two rubber pieces rub together and make a squeaking noise when i drive over the slightest bumps. Once I sprayed the WD40 in and around those rubber pieces the sound went away completely. 

What are these rubber pieces that are making the noise? How do i go about replacing those rubber pieces? I'm glad I waited to pay to replace my struts because they want from $800 to $1400 to R&R when all the sound came from these rubber pieces. I have a Jack and basic tools. Any help would be great, thank you.


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Upper spring seats.  They wear out and make noise.  You probably don't need to replace the upper strut mounts, just the seats.

You will need a strut spring compressor to replace them.

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Make sure to use quality seats for the repair; there's lot of junk out there.

Recommend the IPD HD seats or I believe the XC90 seats also work?

You'll have to get a front end alignment after the job.

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