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Morning Gents. 


So I have an HU-803 system in the 04 v70.

From what im gathering it has a 300watt amp?   Under the pass seat, which looks to have water damage.  Which would explain why only the center speaker is working. 


Having the 18 s60 ive been spoiled with a back up camera on that and my s70, so ideally id love to just go ahead and put an aftermarket HU in there with back up cam.


Replace the HU803 with an aftermarket head unit.
Wire up back up camera correctly so it comes on in reverse.
Keep the steering wheel controls.
Replace bad amp with either OE or aftermarket for less.


Can anyone assist in how to do this? 

Going to need the dash kit, a good recommendation, maybe under $500 for the headunit and $100 for the amp, and sounds like wiring kit to hook up an amp? looking for as OE plug and play as possible.  
Android Auto would be a plus, but I think for Android Auto with bluetooth instead of wired im looking at the $1,000+ range, so wired would be fine too. (Ideally looking to run waze, but im also ok with not using android auto at all as ill likely just use waze on the my phone up higher in view than down on the radio.)


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