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My Volvo's XC60 2010, t6, fuel efficiency in city suddenly decreased it now consumes 2-3 liters more than it used to be. However on highway the consumtion stayed the same. Had it checked with computer diagnostics and nothing appered to be wrong. I was told that it could be a thermostat (which still works but not doing its job as it used to be). Has anybody had the similar issue and what could be the reason?

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    • By Applefritter
      Added an OEM hitch to the XC60. Had a hard time finding other posts about the process, so figured I’d share my scrappy process. 

    • By kaseke
      Hello all, 
      maybe someone can help me or give me the instructions. 

      I have 2010 year Volvo XC60, 2.4 diesel, D4 engine, automatic transmission, AWD. 

      Problem is for some reason the car does not have turbo boost anymore. Turbo is working only after the cold start 80 km/h and then turns himself off. If the engine temperature is 90C, ignition needs to be off at least ~ 10 minutes and then turbo works again but only up to 80 km/h. And then turns himself off again. 

      At first I had problem with turbo which leaked oil, the bottom part of the engine was all oily. Second problem was smoke in the interior and under the bonnet. Smoke came from rear part of the engine, not from exhaust! No power loss, car went very well. 
      Local service they changed turbo to the new one (used but factory restored) and installed the new turbo. Oil leak was goen but smoke remained. Smoke came same place, under the bonnet, from rear part of the engine where is the turbo. I went back to the service and they did guarantee works. Uninstalled turbo and sent the turbo to the seller, who checked that everything was okay. Before the repairman started to install turbo again he discovered broken plastic tube / pipe which connects two turbos with each other. And I think this was the problem why engine sometime smoked. Also in the service they washed DPF filter. I have not any idea why because with this car I have not any problems with DPF and it worked before the service very well. 
      Ok turbo and tube were installed, at the beginning car works. Suddenly threre was not turbo boost any more. 
      No fault codes / lights in the dashboard. Diagnostics does not show any fault codes. Car is not smoking and starts up well but after the first approx. 300 meters turbo pressure is gone.
      MAP sensor is working, EGR is working, turbo valve /controller (flap) is working. No smoke from exhaust. 
      I suspect that maybe they ruined in service DPF filter or DPF filter temperature sensor. I have no idea how they did this task and this was the task which I have not ordered from him. 

      Any ideas? 
    • By lizzord30
      I would like to start a discussion on tuningtuning the M44 to improve miles per gallon. I am sure most or all people tuning with tunerpro rt are looking for more power (main reason I am), but the great thing about this is that you can have both power and tune for improved mpg.
      I have the trip computer on my lpt and my T5, with the stock lpt unmodified ecu it would quickly get to 99.9 mpg when coasting, but once I changed to tunerpro it is almost impossible to get it to read that even with 70mph neutral coasting. Obviously I need to tune it better.
      So the questions I have are; 
      How does the factor deceleration leaning (DK) table work?
      How does the deceleration leaning factor (K+L) table work?
      What do you guys use for .48 to 3 VE values for the VE map and ignition timing maps.
      PS I know this is not really HP performance, really would be nice if there was a forum for ecu tuning.
    • By SDkid605
      What temperature thermostat is required for a 2001 Volvo XC70.

      I have seen different temperatures availeable and am wondering if there is a better choice according to climate or what.

    • By Modus
      As much as I favor blue box items, some parts are just so pricey that an OEM manufacture can be found for alternates.

      I speced these out for my stock 98 S70Glt

      I wanted to let everyone know that I replaced my Thermostat with a Wahler Thermostat 90°C distrubuted by Gates supplied by Rock Auto for half the price of a Blue box. Same part.
      Gates part# 34026 for $11.45 comes with rubber gasket and jiggle pin.

      Also the coolant temperature sensor distrubuted by Airtex/Wells supplied by Rock Auto for half the price of a Blue box. Same part. Comes with aluminum washer.
      Airtex/Wells part #1T1231 (TU251)

      Been installed for over a month perfect results. I wanted to share.

      Also I have a 5% discount code for anyone wanting to save 5% on anything till Feb 14'
      RockAuto discount code 1234645910100947

      Another thing great about Rock Auto is thier customer service, you get a human on the phone relativly quickly.