Electronic Throttle Bodys (Etm, Eth..Etc) Updated 9/09!


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Vehicle Model: V70 XC

Year: 1999

Original in service date: 10/08/1998

Original ETM sticker color: Yellow

Original ETM replaced under warranty before? Yes How Many times? 1

Original ETM "cleaning" performed before? Yes

Date of original "cleaning"?

Did cleaning help? Yes, a little

Update campaign done? YES When was it done? May 2006

How many miles after "cleaning" did the ETM fail? i dont know, i am guessing about 5k

Original ETM part number? 8644347

Was Original ETM still under warranty when it was replaced? no

How did you find out about the XeMODeX ETM? ebay and a thread about it on here.

Who replaced the ETM? i did

Date XeMODeX ETM was installed? Jan 27/2009

Mileage when original etm was replaced with a XeMODeX ETM: 160,500k

Mileage since XeMODeX replacement: 1500

ETS light on before the XeMODeX ETM? Yes

Did the ETS light turn off after the new ETM was installed? Yes


OEM ECU? yes

If ECU is tuned, did the ETM effect it at all?

Downpipe? no

Intake? no

Vehicle Totally stock? yes, no modifications

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Vehicle Model: V70R

Year: 1999

Original in service date: 4-28-99

Original ETM sticker color: White probably... but mine was yellow when I bought the car

Original ETM replaced under warranty before? Yes, No How Many times? Yes

Original ETM "cleaning" performed before? Who knows... but that's a complete waste of time and money anyways.

Date of original "cleaning"?

Did cleaning help? What do you think?

Update campaign done? YES When was it done? Nope

How many miles after "cleaning" did the ETM fail? I dunno but I bet someone was pretty pissed off if they paid for that

Original ETM part number? ? yes... it most likely had one of these

Was Original ETM still under warranty when it was replaced? Yup

How did you find out about the XeMODeX ETM? friend, ebay, another forum,ect. Some dood at the crack house I hang out in on the weekends told me about them... and here on VolvoSpeed... and "Matthews"

Who replaced the ETM? you, indy,dealer, cousin. ect Me... you wanna see the scars?

Date XeMODeX ETM was installed? February 7th the year of our lord and savior the flying spagetti monster 2009

Mileage when original etm was replaced with a XeMODeX ETM: 119,and-change

Mileage since XeMODeX replacement: 119,and-change+6

ETS light on before the XeMODeX ETM? Yes, NO No

Did the ETS light turn off after the new ETM was installed?


OEM ECU? yes, no Yes

If ECU is tuned, did the ETM effect it at all? Yes, No

Downpipe? Yes

Intake? No

Vehicle Totally stock? Define "totally"?


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Guest Bruce Bowen

Vehicle Model: S70

Year: 1999

Original in service date: 11/98

Original ETM sticker color: Latest was yellow

Original ETM replaced under warranty before? Yes, at <100,000 miles

Original ETM "cleaning" performed before?

Date of original "cleaning"? Did not do.

Did cleaning help? See above

Update campaign done? YES, February 2009

How many miles after "cleaning" did the ETM fail? ETM was at hunting idle stage. Performed XeMODex upgrade.

Original ETM part number? Don't know.

Was Original ETM still under warranty when it was replaced? Yes, had extended warranty to 100K miles.

How did you find out about the XeMODeX ETM? Volvospeed and Matthews.

Who replaced the ETM? Myself.

Date XeMODeX ETM was installed? 3/35/2009.

Mileage when original etm was replaced with a XeMODeX ETM: 199300.

Mileage since XeMODeX replacement: 199340.

ETS light on before the XeMODeX ETM? Started coming on occasionally before software "upgrade". Didn't come on after. But cruise control still dying intermittently.

Did the ETS light turn off after the new ETM was installed? Not on before. See above. Hunting idle fixed. Now smooth as silk.


OEM ECU? yes

If ECU is tuned, did the ETM effect it at all? N/A



Vehicle Totally stock? YES

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:lol: LOL!

I just recieved my ETM software upgrade letter from Volvo in the mail.

I wonder what they're going to think when I submit the bill to them for my XeMODeX upgrade... ha ha ha!

Software upgrade = useless

ETM upgrade to XeMODeX with a D.A.S. = problem solved


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Lately there has been lots of poor information regarding the 155 recall and ETM warranties. I have browsed through the information in this thread and it is very dated and some no longer applies and since a large number of these cars are falling out of the warranty period it is time for an update. This subject has more gotten complicated since Volvo now reviews on a case by case basis which ETM's get replaced. I hope to clarify some information regarding the recall and the warranty, and what steps you need to go through if you are having trouble with your ETM. Below is a list of acronyms if you something doesn't make sense.

First, the difference between the recall and the warranty.

The infamous recall 155 applies to all Volvo models between 99-01 and select 02 models. The exception to this rule is the 2000-2004 s40/v40, they have cable driven throttles. The recall is for a software update ONLY to your ETM.

The warranty for the ETM is for the period of 10 years or 200,000 miles, whichever comes first. The 10 years is calculated from the in service date of your car, otherwise known as the day your car was sold. For example; Some 00 models may be out of warranty because they were delivered in 9/15/99. Your dealer can provide you with this information if you call them with your VIN number. They can also tell what outstanding recalls your vehicle has. Dealers should never charge for this information, it is also available if you call Volvo Cars North America (VCNA.) If your car is still in warranty skip to the bottom first.

Symptoms of a failing ETM

ETM's can malfunction for several reasons, but typically, they have an internal electrical failure or are still utilizing old software. Many can be fixed with the 155 recall, and that should always be your first step. It would be important to note that ETM's can also act up because they are dirty, I will touch on this later.

Symptoms can include:

Surging throttle at idle, cruise or acceleration.

Poor acceleration or loss of power.

Check engine light and/or ETS light for x70 models.

What should I do if I experience these symptoms?

I cannot say it enough, call your dealer to make sure the recall 155 has been done.

For those with non turbos, this step will be a little easier. You should inspect the throttle bore for a buildup and clean if necessary. Those will turbos, you will have to remove the charge pipe and inspect with a mirror. When the ETM gets dirty it tends to stick in the bore which confuses the potentiometers in the throttle which can result in a surging condition.

If the throttle is dirty, time to clean it. There will be some debate about this, so I will post my personal experiences. Volvo says the throttles should only be cleaned with Volvo ETM cleaner (P/N #1161828) I have used WD-40 in a pinch and it has worked ok, but the cleaning power leaves something to be desired. You will find this Volvo cleaner is quite expensive, but I have not found a suitable substitute. Once I killed an ETM with carb cleaner ( I can't say I'm completely to blame :) ) and I have seen others suffer the same fate after being cleaned with carb cleaner or brake clean. Some will say this is ok, but I would proceed with caution.

If your throttle is now clean and you still experience DTC's or your previous symptoms it is time to dig a little deeper.

ETM malfunction can be caused by something other than a faulty ETM!

Before you decide it's time to replace the ETM you should take a few moments to check some other items that may be contributing to the symptoms you are experience. These include, but are no limited to:

A Clogged PCV system.

Excessive resistance in positive battery cables.

Other faults in the CAN network

Corrupted software(rare).

ETM shorted to power/ground.

A note about positive battery cables. These are common points of failure on x70 cars. You should always do a voltage drop test before replacing the ETM if you own an x70 model.

Voltage drop test: Use a voltmeter to take a reading for the three cables. First place your leads between the alternator terminal and the starter terminal. Record measurment. Do the same between the starter and positive battery terminal, record readings. Last, remove the fuse panel cover and measure between the positive battery terminal and the fuse box terminal and record your readings. Volvo says a voltage drop of .1V (not a typo) is excessive and the cable is defective. Most of you will find that your starter cable and the fuse box cable will have a drop above that figure. Replacement instructions can easily be searched for on this site.

The significance of the voltage drop is that the can network shuts itself off when voltage drops between 9-10V (Don't remember exact figure) the network shuts itself of. If/when voltage comes back up the network attempts to restart. This can be a vicious cycle if you are experiencing large voltage drops and may cause some modules to not "wake up", including the ETM. The voltage reading at the fuse box is very close to what the network is seeing.

VOLTAGE DROP SHOULD ALWAYS BE CHECKED WHEN THE VEHICLE IS AT OPERATING TEMPERATURE. Resistance in the cables can go up significantly when the engine is hot!

Everything else is cool, I think my ETM is gone and I'm out of the warranty period.

I suggest you sit down when you call your local dealer and find out how much a new ETM costs. You will also learn that they have to program it, which costs more.

The good news is lots of ETM equipped cars are in the junkyard and their ETM's can be installed on your car! Installing a used ETM is always hit or miss, but if it was taken of a good running car you could get many miles out of it. You could purchase lots of used ETM's for the price of a new one. Some will say that ETM's are VIN coded and cannot be transferred from vehicle to vehicle. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. I have swapped out dozens of ETM's with no problem, as have others.

There are several companies now rebuilding ETM's and that may be the most reliable and cost effective option. I have no personal experience with any of them, but I have read lots of good reviews.

My car is still in the warranty period.

If you think you ETM is defective your volvo dealer will be able to run a series of checks. If they determine the fault is not the ETM they may charge you a diagnostic fee, so be prepared.

The VIDA software the dealer uses has an "ETM Test" function that is essentially a software check and a sweep of the potentiometers. If the test fails, your dealer can appeal to VCNA for a replacement which is covered under warranty. The throttle can still be defective if it passes the test, but that will have to be determined by the technician/service manager, I won't go into this much because all ETM replacements are done on a case by case basis.

A word to the wise. Your dealer wants no more to do with these ETM's than you do, so be patient with them while the appeal to VCNA. Approval can happen within a few hours or a few days depending on the circumstance. Unfortunately these things are a huge pain for everyone.

Volvo has become increasingly stringent with ETM replacements because of a large number of improperly diagnosed ETM's. This caused Magnetti Marnelli (ETM manufacturer) to void the warranty on about 30% of the early ETM's replaced. You can imagine how much that cost Volvo.

I still have questions/I'm not sure if my ETM is acting up?

When you post please include:

DTC's stored in ECM, all control modules if possible.

Voltage drop test results.

Condition of PCV system.

Any other symptoms you are experiencing.

I hope this can clear up some questions and reduce the number of redundant questions. If you feel like anything should be added please PM me, I will be happy to include it.

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