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SO this guy at my work has been talking to me about volvos since he has seen mine. he was first looking at a NA 850 cause some idiot told him the turbo models were totally not reliable and turbos are bad.

I laughed and said," Naw man Turbo is fun the motors are pretty strong it's worth it to get a turbo you'll enjoy driving it more"

Next day comes along

DOuche says," Hey man i been doin some research n ish and man there is some SCCA ish and the cars must be fast and cool."

me,":blink: uhhhh ya mun, well i just like them cause they are different" no clue wtf this guy is even saying

today happens,

Douche," Yo howz the VOlvo!!! man i found this 8-uh-s-uh-90 with like three hundred horsepower stock for only $8900 on Ebayz"

I say," oh wow really :rolleyes: "

Douche, " Ya i'm really lookin to buy one now"

"oh wow great, has some great resources check it out :lol: "


Douche comes in my office "yo i forgot to tell you i talked to my buddy yesterday he said they make ceramic headerz for them now yeah it's this company called like NPR or something they give you a package with ceramic headerz ,a ECU, turbo, exhaust and it puts you at like 350 horsepower"

i said, "cool" but on the inside," :lol::lol::lol::lol: omg headers wtf if this guy gets a 850 turbo hes gonna put a header on it and delete the turbo....hahaha.... but how will he fit more than one :blink::arob::lol: "

This guy is 40 and wears velcro shoes to work at a business office............................ muthaF***in Velcro shoes wtf

Thanks for listening couldn't hold it in anymore

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QUOTE(Plan_B @ Jul 19 2007, 04:29 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Does he look like this?


O wow actually there is a joke in the office cause guy is weird like that... i have a tps report on my wall lol

...... and talk sense into him.... yeah i left out the part in the story where i told him bout stage 0 and all that boring stuff.... cause it's boring.... but he has a el cameno SS and he builds engines from the ground up and an alpha spider...... :blink: yeah me too at the last one.... so he knows everything about cars in his opinion

DO you recall a s/n 964????? this is him at age 40.......... his red paint is as oxidized on his alpha but he still drops the top, and his green truck has a blue canopy.... it's a lost cause i'm not just F***in with the guy

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QUOTE(Plan_B @ Jul 19 2007, 11:56 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

can you get a better one?

Grant, I didn't know the chunky were your type. ;)


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QUOTE(Plan_B @ Jul 20 2007, 03:51 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
i bet it took ya an hour to come up with that one :monkey::monkey:

If I was into fattties, you'd be on the list ;)

Nah, couple seconds. :P $h*t, I could use the extra fat, I lost 10lbs when I was deathly ill.


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