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How pc gamers plan for potentially bad weather.
Steam chat ctrl-c ctrl-v
11:35 AM - Doc Miles: Bringing yout desktop?
11:39 AM - MrBiggles: Everything but a moniter.
11:40 AM - MrBiggles: I am not going to get snowed in up there with a laptop...
11:40 AM - MrBiggles: That's for the casuals.
11:40 AM - MrBiggles: lol
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Important info here for everyone:

Headliners help reflect the heat from outside sunlight and they also add visual appeal to the interior. Washing a headliner improperly can do extreme harm to the headliner. Washing the headliner correctly, though, may add years to the life of the interior of your automobile.

To maintain cleanliness inside your car, practice to immediately remove any unnecessary things or return things in proper places after using them. With this, you can be assured of a neat, pleasurable, and a worry and hustle free driving experience

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Methinks this was a post I stole from an interior/upholstery forum that was so nonsensical I had to repost it.

How does keeping your headliner clean add years to the life of an interior? I think simply keeping your interior clean adds life

Me thinks that was sarcasm

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Drove by the mitsubishi dealer in my town today, and looked inside for the first time in a while. Man, that is the saddest dealer show room i've ever seen.

Related note: Mitsubishi still sells cars in the US.

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