What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

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no because you cannot mesh T5 and Pole... too much of a "stretch" if you said "waxed my rocket" that would have been better

What are you raising it to?? I'm just throwing the MBC wide open. (Worse case, the ECU will get pissed and fuel-cut, but the tune should fix that.) I'm really interested to see how far that 15G can

Started it. Drove it.

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Started pulling the trans for a new clutch, I'm sure I'll find a bunch of other crap to fix along the way while I'm in there and it's easy to get to.

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changed the front o2 sensor... got it registered

He's aliiiiiiiiive! Jake, how's the PNW treating you ?

On topic: changed the burned out bulbs above the license plate with LED's. Remembered that they have a tendency to melt the holders as I was tightening down the second screw. Guess I'll get some OEM bulbs soon.

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Rotated the tires

Cleaned wheels and brake calipers

Checked to make sure all suspension components are tight

Checked oil and topped off power steering fluid

Installed new Volvo spark plugs.

Pulled the center console and swapped in a reconditioned window switch pack.

Fixed a driver side windshield wiper contact issue.

Probably wash it tomorrow before I go race. :)

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