What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

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i wasn't going very fast luckily. i was in the fast lane going ~65-70 and some guy comes shooting up through the middle lane and i just see red and blue light flashing all over this grey charger that was in the right lane. the guy got owned so hard.

haha better story my friend is driving along and hes in the left lane of two lanes the right lane is a turn lane only just so happens this chevy tahoe cuts him off. My friend happens to have a little bit of an anger problem so he proceeds to flash his brights, swerve, honk, and flip this guy off for a good mile. All of his passengers are doing the same too, so the car pulls into the center turn lane and he decides " im going to follow this asshole" he pulls behind him and what do you know the tahoe lights up in guess what? red and blue. Cop walks over names all of the offenses adds up the points comes to 12 pts and 1000+ in fines which means no liscense for a while for my friend. Then he asks a few questions whos truck? "my fathers" who many points? "0" and then says well im off duty i really dont want to write a ticket so im going to left you off but think next time kid.

cops hate them but love them at the same time

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no because you cannot mesh T5 and Pole... too much of a "stretch" if you said "waxed my rocket" that would have been better

What are you raising it to?? I'm just throwing the MBC wide open. (Worse case, the ECU will get pissed and fuel-cut, but the tune should fix that.) I'm really interested to see how far that 15G can

Started it. Drove it.

Posted Images

Yesterday- Washed, waxed, cleaned out the trunk/inside (Yes Reid, all that stuff is finally gone lol), detailed the engine bay, re-did my fuel rail cover.

How many times did you get lost in it? Did you tie a rope around your waist so you could find your way out?

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I didn't get any pics, lol. My shift assembly will be prettier than yours ;)

arnt you missing a shift boot ? :P


And I havnt cleaned it yet but I do have a suede and blue stiched leather one comming in the near future :)

suede to match the new seats :)

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Kind of. I've got an 850 T5R suede boot that I am going to be modifying with the OEM T5 leather knob. Hotness.

ahh well I am making my own wooded one or doing something else crazy custom

and then the custom boot being made to match the new seats :P

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I will tell you right now after this is all up and running the other R is sitting for at least a month before I swap the engine in that one.

This has been six solid months of working on cars and not getting paid for any of i t :rolleyes:

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