What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

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Stock grill back on, stock ECU back in, working SAS pump back in, plugged in but monkey the plumbing CEL is off and that's all I was after. :lol:

Pulled out the pod, gauges, eliminated the wiring, pulled the 901 and cd changer.

Ran Mike's S60R in the night where no traffic was visible and got my doors knocked in once he got going. :lol:

We were on the phone like, ONE TWO THREE GO :lol:

Tomorrow morning before work I will go see Justin for stock headlights/corner lights bc I will not have time to receive the stock replacements from Stormtrooper and then I will pull the Jewels, IPD intake, strut brace, sub/amp/cap/wiring, cd changer DIN cable and then she will be ready to surrender.

There's a slim chance I might do a wheel swap at midnight tomorrow after work with another member for Perfos, trade plus 300 bucks. Pretty damn good steal if you ask me. I hope so, I'd hate to trade it in with the Volans on.

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no because you cannot mesh T5 and Pole... too much of a "stretch" if you said "waxed my rocket" that would have been better

What are you raising it to?? I'm just throwing the MBC wide open. (Worse case, the ECU will get pissed and fuel-cut, but the tune should fix that.) I'm really interested to see how far that 15G can

Started it. Drove it.

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Drove to work, everything seems good. There is a small oil leak I need to find its either the feed our return at the turbo.

Got an estimate for the fender that got wacked on sat. 1452.10 called the guy that hit me, he needs to consult his wife to see if they're going to cut me a check or report it and let the ins. handle it.

Feels awesome to drive my baby again though. :D

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Yesterday, Some random guy stopped me on the road while driving the 242 and said if i wanted any spare parts for that "pos" turns out he had a almost complete, almost mint 242 GT interior, cleaned it up and threw the seats and door panels in the car today.. Also got a BUNCH of other random 240/GT parts and it did also include a SECOND rear seat setup that is slightly less perfect haha...got it all for free!


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today i was outside (during the "hurricane") redid all my vac lines in black (done with the stupid blue haha) few days ago put a low pro fan in to give me more room with the front mount piping. and ordered new black couplers for the front mount pipes that should be in and put on in time for SCD :)



few days ago got some IPD blue front springs from justin, put those guys on and finally after about a year and half got around to the 15 minute job that is putting drop bolts in the rear :lol:




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Installed sconemans intake pipe, had a little trouble fitting the reducer onto the pipe so the fitment isnt where I'd like it to be right now. When I get a CAI in the next couple weeks I'll probably adjust it then. :)

Also swapped out the bad HID ballast for the bad one and likewise for my bad barometric sensor.

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Started painting the R spoiler for my black 850.



Painting lip:




Letting it dry overnight, then I'll wetsand, tape off the lip, spray a couple base coats, then clear it!

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are you rattle canning or trying your hand w/ the gun again?

Rattle can base and undecided on clear. I have the gun and the clear but it's a PITA to set up and this is going on my beater so I'm not sure what I want to do. If it comes out looking like shit I might just bring it to maaco and have them spray it for $100.

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its a PITA to plug an air line into a compressor and measure up some thinner/hardener....hmmmm

It's more than that you ass. I have to set up the pressure, the air/water separator, set up the various nozzles on the gun (which I'm not very good at), mix the paint, and then hope after all that I don't mess it up. Much easier to just grab a spray can off the shelf and go ;)

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