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are you going to try for a twincharging setup or just a turbo?

GT30 outspools the SC in every area so not much use of such a setup.

The WB is a plain and simple LC-1 with a red DB gauge,


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How did you mount the external Johann?Is it possible for some more pics?

And you didn't answer if the PORSCHE Beats you!! :lol::lol:

External WG is the same setup as used on my former V70R,


And if I can beat the Porsche... At least not at the moment since the S60 isn't running on full power yet. With the S70 I think it was possible but we never had it side by side. The Porsche is an early type 996GT3 which has 360 HP at the crank, not the later 380 or now 415 HP.

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About a week ago I had the car up and running. GT3071 install was pretty straightforward but a bit time consuming with the plumbing and downpipe. Downpipe is a very close fit because it was based on the V70R AWD engine bay which has slightly more room. Some minor adjustments were needed. Kemira 100CPI cat was added, catback is still a stock T5 exhaust.

To regulate the boost the standalone needed a solenoid connected and I added a "wideband" oil pressure sender while working on the wiring. The pressure sender is a linear 0-5 volt which can be translated to pressure in the standalone's software. After some trials to get a feel for de boost vs duty cycle I managed to pretty much replicate the boost behavior of the former supercharger which gave me a good starting point. Idle needed some adjustment because of the lesser crank load but all other worked OK.

After that I started dialing up the boost a bit, boost is set as TPS/DC over RPM, while using moderate timing and keeping things well fueled. The target was to run near 15 psi of boost for the time being. Spoolup was still slow, boost level reached after a few adjustments and it showed that the boost behavior was very stable. The GT3071 responded quicker from low RPM throttle changes than I expected so I added some DC in the 3000-3500 RPM area and it showed that the turbo responded well to the changes made. With these changes I made one or two short acceleration runs but traffic didn't really allow me to maintain the acceleration. In 2 nd gear is was possible but it gave me nothing but wheelspin, near freezing weather running semi's isn't working that well.. :( While driving in traffic, low RPM almost no load, I noticed the drivetrain bogging once or twice like the engine had a loose upper or lower engine mount and I remember I found this to be a bit weird but didn't pay to much attention to it at that time. This mainly because I was awaiting an opportunity to accelerate the car WOT from lower RPM 3rd gear hoping to have some traction and put good load on the engine. It took another 3-4 miles before this was possible on a familiar road accelerating out of a turn onto a straight piece of road. Engine responded like a dream and really started moving but roughly 1000 rpm later, ~4500 rpm, the engine suddenly bounced the limiter while hearing a soft rattling noise. While this happened I reacted by pushing the clutch pedal and releasing throttle at which point I didn't hear any noises anymore.. Engine was running idle and appeared OK. First I thought the shifter had jumped from it's slot but it was still in gear so while the car was still rolling I wanted to release the clutch again but was presented with a not so nice sound.. Shifted from 3rd gear to 4th but it wasn't possible to engage 4th gear without noise so I put it in neutral were no noise could be heard and let the car roll until the next exit about a mile from my home. Bro was kind enough to pull the car home and probably happy he could put the Q7 to intended use.. :lol:

Back home some investigating suggested that the gearbox was OK but the friction plate could be the problem.

Last Wednesday I removed the gearbox from the car which to my surprise only took 2 hours and it became clear that the Spec Stage3+ friction plate was the cause,


The gearbox shaft was damaged also..


Today I took the gearbox apart, took the shaft out and put it next to a shaft from another gearbox and they measured the same so half an hour later the gearbox was fixed. Now the waiting is for what the supplier has to say about this splne failure. I hope to receive an answer early next week.

I hope Spec can make up for this issue with showing good service..

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