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I just woke up covered in glitter......

Something about the title of this thread and trying to race someone in a downtown city just doesn't jive. Use your noggin' dude. :(

I have no idea man, it's weird that medications can totally change people and control their moods, etc. I'll never understand how a pill or whatever can do that. At least she's good looking though,

they cleaned the bathroom in our dorm, ws puked up, now its clean. partyi was at got busted and we had to book it, crazy ass this... totally awesome, i was like... you cops! eeryone was like nah they aint for us, then lights and spotlight in my eye (bad one) and i was like fuck yea... not for uss my ass, and booked it, was hella tight. anyone up in the 513 holla at me and i'll hook it up.

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White Grape Juice + Grey Goose Vodka shake with crushed ice in a shaker strain into chilled Martini glass + 3 white grapes on a skewer = OMFG THE GOODNESS NECTAR

:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

:lol: Where'd the kitty with the lipstick go in ur avatar? :lol:

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work is gonna suck in the morning.

for me beer hung over just meant i was tired and had nasty farts maybe the shits too, but usually after a hard night of vodka all i could eat/drink the next day was water to keep me hydrated and coke to keep my stomach settled,

so i always tried to go for beer lol i didnt care what my ass smelled like i worked in an auto shop oh and not to mention vodka gave me head aches the next morning and that plus 8 hrs of air tools in an autoshop is horrible

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