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I just woke up covered in glitter......

Something about the title of this thread and trying to race someone in a downtown city just doesn't jive. Use your noggin' dude. :(

I have no idea man, it's weird that medications can totally change people and control their moods, etc. I'll never understand how a pill or whatever can do that. At least she's good looking though,

I hate my life.

Last night we all went to a party with 60+ kegs at a camp site. I left my car there and got a ride home. My buddy who drives an S80 told me not to come back this morning to get my car, that he was staying there and would drive my car back. He had his car there too, so he was going to have someone else drive it while he drove mine.

8am this morning I got a call, the kid (our good friend) driving his car wrecked it... so I had to hop out of bed and go pick the kid up from jail. Yay for getting like 2 hours of sleep.

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24 hours late, my buddy showed up at my house for my Bday, with a 12 pack.

My deck, sunshine and cold beer. Oh and a nice samich. He left I passed out, then woke up and went out and did it all over again.

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partying across the street from a graveyard is just as much of a downer as you'd expect... especially when your grandfather is buried in that specific cemetery

Ahh dude wtf. I was hoping to find funny stories in here after a Saturday night.

Me: I have a drunk coworker passed out on my bed. I don't think shes leaving anytime soon. lol

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too bad i was without internet for the last three days...last night and two nights ago were competition in indiana...copious amounts of summer shandy and pbr were consumed. B)

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Some would look at my 1/5 and say that 1/5 is half full, I look at it and think, my 1/5 is half empty. :o

I haz plenty of root beer n coke though. :lol:

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