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I just woke up covered in glitter......

Something about the title of this thread and trying to race someone in a downtown city just doesn't jive. Use your noggin' dude. :(

I have no idea man, it's weird that medications can totally change people and control their moods, etc. I'll never understand how a pill or whatever can do that. At least she's good looking though,

so fucking foggy it isn't funny... Shot guns, forged a cliff of mud, found an awesome ravine, and broke into a stone tower barefoot at 4am....

Hard pressed, but worth every second haha

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We had our fraternity formal last night. I went to get all the booze. For like 25 guys and dates, got $350 worth of liquor and a bunch of cases. Was an absolute stuff show. Cops showed up and they were giving my roommate an open container, claimed he wasn't cooperating (he was definitely tanked), so they took him in for drunk and disorderly. I had to go bail him out of jail at like 1:30am.

I have no problem with cops doing their jobs, but it aggravates me when they abuse their power. My school is a small liberal arts college that is in a fairly poor area of Ohio. Tuition is significantly higher than the average household income of the area. The locals don't realize that very few of us actually pay full tuition though. I had a legal issue my freshman year (from a small prank), and the judge was asking me how much I pay for tuition (I politely told him it was none of his business), if I think I'm really worth that much, etc. It is like they think it is their duty to make up for this economic imbalance.

But yeah, I'm extremely hungover and have been trying to convince my roommate that he isn't completely fu(ked (we graduate next week... so he's going to have to deal with court instead of looking for jobs, and this is going to be on his record).

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slightly intoxicated off of spotted cow brew. great ending to our bowling league season. we were going to get 3rd place anyways so we didnt care what we got. lol.

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like i said.... i turned on zombie land,,,,

,,,,but then i tured it into a fake webcam and turned on chatroulette....

awesome times lol.

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