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I just woke up covered in glitter......

Something about the title of this thread and trying to race someone in a downtown city just doesn't jive. Use your noggin' dude. :(

I have no idea man, it's weird that medications can totally change people and control their moods, etc. I'll never understand how a pill or whatever can do that. At least she's good looking though,

Not entirely drunk, on a god damn work night. Corey and Mike came over and we walked to a local bar. Corey's moving to FL and that blows so I bought him a meal and Mike bought drinks. I need sleep time now. Must be up at 5 AM. :angry:

Corey. :wub: Best of luck in FL. Come back for Carlisle. PA will welcome you back at any time.

Damn it, a friend moving away blows.

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Corey was a girl and didn't finish his gooodbye shots that i bought him!!!!!!! beer in lancaster is expensive

PA will miss you Corey. Dont let the Cubans steal your goold wheels! shoot a text every once and a while

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I used to be able to close the bar and be to work at 7am...and did it all the time. Figure 10+ beers and a few Yager Bombs. Before kids and being married.

Now we go to the bar once or twice a month and I always feel like shit the next day, today included. I still feel like I'm 21, but my body is telling me something else.

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not big on going to the club but occasionally im down to go just to do something different.....went last night with a bunch of my buddies, we killed a bottle of goldschlager a bottle of sky a bag of wine some 4locos and rounds and rounds of drinks at the club....i got kicked out around 1230 for tossing some kid that poured a drink on me....then some other stuff happened i dont really know...went to some party and then we went to dennys at 5am and the sun came up. Solid night....not such a solid morning though.

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